Friday, October 15, 2010

Come On Shoulders!

Today my workout called for Max Effort shoulder presses and a fun little metcon I based off a workout Lindsey I did with Blair Morrison when we stopped by his place on our way to our new home.

5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3 strict press

5 rounds for time of:
5 walk outs (with 3 hands off ground push ups each walk out)
25 double unders

Then I got a little support work in as my cool down:

3 sets of 10 each:
Good mornings with scapular retraction to press
Cable stability press
Heavy lateral raises

I need some major help!  My shoulders are just about the most frustrating things I have had t deal with over the past year, and they are not getting any better at all.  I worked up to 155# (a weight I should be pressing for 5+ reps) and was only able to get 2.  I got the same for my final set and it was an absolute struggle to get those 2 reps.  How the hell do I get these things stronger?  I have tried so much and am at a complete loss as to how to get them up to par with the rest of my body.  Good lord it is damn annoying to work your butt off and ultimately never get anywhere.  I NEED to get 185# in the somewhat near future, NEED to!

The metcon was a good one, especially after the pressing, I was able to get it in 5:43.  I'm sure a 5ish minute finish would be a great time, and I was good and spent after this one.  But still had some good energy to get that supplemental work in.  Hoping the added shoulder support work will help to get that press up...

After a handful of more insightful posts, I'm keeping this one short and sweet.  But, still have this sweet announcement coming super soon, and I am excited to share with everyone what's about to happen out here!  Stay tuned...

Never Stop, GET FIT

Josh Courage

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