Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick Post

Here's a quick update on training as I am headed out in 10 minutes to go to my good friend Lance Wood's wedding in Tucson, AZ!

Yesterday I went back to the Burlingame High School track to get some running in.  Got a mile in 6:10 (really want to gt sub-6 soon!).  The ran four long 100 meters, and four 50 meters.  Times felt pretty good, and I felt fresh, which was real nice.

Lindsey got back later in the day from work, and we went down to the garage to get our strength work in.  5, 3, 1+ of squats and bench.  I was able to get 7 easy reps at 330# on the squat.  Like last friday, I am not totally sure why I stopped, I had juice to get at least two more, and I'll tell you what, my squats are feeling so good!  Bench was fine, got 7 reps at 250# and felt very strong.

Next week is de-loading in terms of strength, then I am going to switch up my strength training approach.  I am knocking out bench press all together to focus more on my shoulders, and I am taking heavy deadlifts out until I can feel comfortable with my form.  Squats and strict presses will stay as the staples of my lifts, and I am messing around with how to put them together in terms of rep schemes.  Olympic lifts will be more of a focus for the month f October for me as well.

More on all this later.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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