Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CrossFit 702

A couple hours after my fun workout with the crew at CrossFit Las Vegas, I grabbed Lindsey from work, and met up with my buddy Chris and and his wife Kathy at CrossFit 702.

First things first, this place is as CrossFit as they get.  It's located in a warehouse/office park sort of space, you enter in to find a front showroom with a desk and a couple couches to hang out at, comfortably thrown together in a "homey" sort of way.  Next to the front desk you walk through a door to enter into the warehouse, or, gym.  Given my new warehouse knowledge, I would guess that the workout space is about 2500+ square feet in total, a great size for any number of members to move around freely no matter what the workout.  What stands out immediately at this place though is the pull up rig.  Custom designed, in the CrossFit 702 colors, the thing stands about 6 or so feet from the wall, and has hook attachments for barbells, tons of room for pull ups (a couple different width bars at that) and ultimately, just looks damn cool.  Around the space is the typical collection of CrossFit toys: rowers, tires, rope, KB's, bumpers, chalk so on.  The concrete floor makes the space feel a little more "raw", but the cool thing is, it seems as though it will keep that feeling even after the rubber flooring is put in.  They had a string of CrossFit shirts up, just like CrossFit Las Vegas, and I could tell that over the next couple years, that collection will grow and add that unique character to the gym.  And another things that stood out, their huge CrossFit 702 banner that stretched across the entire top part of the front wall, so cool looking (you can see it in the group picture above).

Jared, the owner and head coach (Zach is also an owner, he is owner down at CrossFit Las Vegas too, they are all friends around here, so sweet.  More on Zach on the next post though) is just a down to earth, genuinely good guy.  My observation is that he is that ideal combo of a coach: efficient and knowledgeable with his instruction, passionate, business savey, and clearly a serious practitioner of the sport of fitness.  When he rallied us all together (and there was a pretty good sized group for 6:30pm on a Monday, around 16 or so I would say), he had our attention immediately.  We lined up and did a quick 600 meter Indian run, then it was a walk through of deep lunge and reaches and good mornings.  We then got some quad and hip stretches along with wall squats to open up the areas we would need for the workout.  After that we grabbed some PVC, opened up the shoulders a bit and did a back squat run-through.  Short and sweet, but all the major points were hit very clearly, and from the look of things during the actual lifts, people were getting some good, controlled depth with good, comfortable weights.

5 x 5 Back Squat (use 2-3 sets to find a working weight, then stick with that weight for all five sets)

4 rounds for time of:
5 KB snatches
7 burpees
5 KB snatches

I was hoping for a good weight here as my legs felt real good, but then I remembered that Lindsey had just done heavy back squats on Friday, so, I worked up to 305# and used that.  I felt great with the weight, very comfortable and strong for all five sets.  I also enjoyed working with the couple guys at my bar, they were friendly and clearly liked working hard.  Jared and his other trainer (and bother) Josh made a strong point of hitting every station a couple times and really getting people to perfect their form. 

After that, Josh gave us a quick run through on the KB snatch, and we hit the metcon.  I used a 53# for the snatch and was feeling very energized.  I felt fast going into the first set, but around the middle of the second I actually began to feel bad.  Not nauseous or anything, but close, it was weird.  But I fought through, and finished strong with a time of 2:38 (a note on the time: Jared had his stop watch and was keeping his eye on the entire group with that watch.  I would say my time was closer to 2:25, but no worries at all.  Lindsey had the same situation.  No critic on Jared in any possible way, it just made me realize that I am going to want to invest in one of those digital wall clocks at my spot when it opens, it can get very distracting with just a stop watch).

On the whole I loved this space.  As any of you can tell, if the place has high ceilings, lots of open space, and tons of fitness equipment around, I am nothing but happy!  But, there is always a little something else, the little differences that make a spot unique and likable.  While Vegas had the funky location, and the absolutely massive open space, this spot had the awesome pull up rig, and the awesome head coach.   If you want the down-to-earth, super friendly community feel for your CrossFit, this is your place.  I highly recommend it.  In fact, as I finish up this post, I am prepping to return for a crazy tough workout with Chris today!

CrossFit 702

Never Stop.  GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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