Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Evening Workout

Because of Lindsey's brutal travel schedule forcing her to the airport tomorrow at like 5:30am, she did her strength work tonight.  And me being the nut-job who hates to sit around and do nothing while someone else is getting all this wonderful exercise in, I just HAD to find something to do!

20-15-10-5 of:
Power snatch 75#
Lateral jump overs 20"
Pull ups
GHD sit ups
Row (kCal)

This turned out to be a little harder than I thought; I also ended up adding about 2 or more minutes in total just trying to deal with the different obstacles.  First, the pull ups on the door-mounted bar was just about impossible for any legit sort of kip, and I smacked my head on the garage door treads three times during the first round making myself a bit nervous throughout with the exercise.  And second, I had to navigate through a pretty tight squeeze to get to the GHD.  No worries at all though, I just wanted to get the heart rate up and the muscles pumping, and it did the trick.

Besides the breaks on pull ups and the GHD maze, and a few botched jumps on the lateral jump overs, everything went real fast.  The lateral jumps were without a doubt the most fatiguing, but I was slowly able to get them all without any serious breaks.  I finished in 15:09.

After the workout, Lindsey and I went up to chow down on a wonderful meal that will be posted up as Courageous Meals 4 tomorrow, so make sure to check back for that one!  Oh, and I should have a video on the workout up either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I have a ton of sweet workouts planned for this coming week, along with a couple insightful posts on some cool topics.  And finally, that wonderful announcement should be coming within the next few days!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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