Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Damn, No PR...

My New Home!
Today, feeling damn good and ready to get after these max effort power cleans, I went into CP to get the job done.  Building up to this, I had a bit of an adventure picking up my old bike case at the lululemon store in San Fran, then off to find some stadium stairs to run.  I tried Skyline College, no good, so I went off to the side of the school to get a steep hill to run, and would you believe it, the one area I look had nothing good and steep.  I ended up running/walking about a mile and a half around the outskirts of the school looking for a short steep hill and when I found nothing, I just went back home.

Over at CP, I got a heavy duty warm up in because my legs are seriously lacking in recovery thanks to my horrible ability to sleep.  Then I loaded up the bar and got after it.  Worked comfortably up to 255# where I proceeded to fail 4 times before sloppily getting under it.  Ugh!  I then got 260# on the bar, unenthusiastically, and tried it out twice.  Nothing.  So damn frustrating.  I KNOW I can get that, and more; the weight gets all the way up to my upper chest, I just do not have the technique to get under the damn bar.  Along with my beyond troubling snatch form, I officially need desperate help on all Olympic lifts!
Another View

My metcon was so much fun!  50 reverse burpees, 50 toes to bar and 50 Russian twist ball slams.  I got this in 12:32, which was a little slower than I wanted, but I did actually engage in two separate short conversations in the middle of the workout.  Totally fine with that though, people expressing interest in what i am doing means nothing but good things for the future of my company here, so, I was more than happy to oblige.  It was cool to have a huge group of high school basketball players in there, watching in sheer confusion and eagerness as to what I was doing.  Pretty cool.

I finished up with 3 rounds of 100 meters 1-arm farmers walk (50 meters one arm, 50 the other), the 30 seconds of an L-sit, and then 10 1-arm overhead lunges (10 steps each arm).  Pretty straight forward stuff, and great to get some unilateral work in.  I felt very solid and balanced with some pretty heavy lads, and I know this will support my hopeful strength gains.  I will speak a bit more on the benefits of unilateral work in a later post.  All good things.

Oh, and here's a video from the other days muscle up workout.

Then spent the rest of the evening hanging up flyers around town.  Time to get the word out!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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JMOvechkin said...

Any reason why you don't try the full clean (squat) with this weight? What did you say your front squat was at? Over 315# I think I read? If your pulling the bar to your chest with 260#, no doubt you should be able to clean 300# +! I also think, improving your timing by squatting under the bar will not only improve your power clean but your snatch as well.

I am so excited for your gym! I'm going to be pestering you for advice in a few months.