"Since I was in college Josh has helped me become a better athlete in the gym and on the field. His knowledge, passion and dedication stand out and his workouts are intense and effective. He not only helped me learn about the proper ways to lift weights as a baseball player, but also, how to transfer what I was doing directly to the mound. I know his efforts have played a role in my growth through the college and pro baseball ranks.

Now, having a successful run as a Major League Baseball Player with the Washington Nationals, I am going to continue using Josh's unique, athletic based training methods to stay at the top for as long as I can.
Thanks for all your help Josh, I look forward to continuing our work!"

John Lannan,
Pitcher, Washington Nationals (2007 Nationals Minor League Pitcher of the Year)


Josh Courage is an amazing guide to the world of fitness. He's thought deeply and passionately about strength, conditioning and physical and mental health. He offers a program far different than the run of the mill. My son, a 19 year-old baseball player, loved working out with him. So did his 49 year-old much less fit dad.

David Brooks
Columnist, New York Times


I started working out with Josh in hopes of becoming a better marathon runner. Prior to his training sessions, I was guilty of cardio-only workouts. I could go out and run whatever distance I wanted, but, in just a few short workouts, Josh showed me that I was cheating my true potential.

Twice weekly he put me through weight training sessions that challenged my entire body! I became leaner and stronger in appearance, but knew my work was really paying off when I went out for a 17 mile training run one morning and, not only covered the distance with no problem, but had no recovery time! My legs felt great, my back felt great, and, perhaps, best of all, my mind felt great! And the latter, is the immeasurable value of Josh Courage.

Many times, Josh believed in me more than I did. He pushed me beyond my comfort level, encouraged me when I struggled, and celebrated my successes...no matter the size of the triumph! And did I mention that we did all that while talking about life too?!

If you want to be the best you can be... in all respects.... I can attest to the fact that all it takes is "COURAGE!"

Holly Morris
Fox 5 Washington D.C.


Josh Courage is an exceptional athlete and trainer. He combines both absolutely outstanding skills and personal qualities. Re skill: he can train you to be a bodybuilder but also a crossfit athlete, a powerlifter, or an aerobic athlete. He can get you ready to play baseball or football and other sports: he has several trainees playing for Princeton teams right now. Re personal qualities: Josh is one of the most focused, dedicated, honest, and enthusiastic people I know. He has an astounding positive outlook driven by huge energy. On top of this he’s articulate, sensitive and intelligent. He’s a great guy to train with and to hang with. I am an older athlete (72) and have won national and international powerlifting awards. I think I know what I’m talking about when I tell you that you will have an EXCELLENT result with Josh’s help.

Bob Vastine


 I couldn't be a bigger fan of Josh, and his training program was an integral part of me being able to qualify at the National Championships to compete with Team USA at the 2010 World Duathlon Championships. Being a two-sport athlete in college I have worked with many strength and conditioning coaches and training with Josh is by far the best experience I have had. Josh's program is both fun but very challenging, and he makes sure to vary the movements so that it never becomes repetitive and you use every muscle group. He tailored the strength program to complement my endurance training and made sure I was not overusing any muscle groups. Washington DC's loss is California's gain! 

Adele Fenwick


With over 20 years of experience as an athlete and trainer, Josh has the knowledge and expertise to help athletes of all ages, abilities and experiences meet their personal athletic goals.  Josh has the unique ability to meet people where they are and help find ways to adapt training and exercise to their real life situations.  Any athlete who is serious about realizing their athletic potential and makes the decision to work with Josh will inevitably receive a tremendous advantage.

Michael Donovan, Ph.D.- Physiologist, Nutrition Consultant


"As a professional baseball player it is often difficult to find a personal trainer that understands the unique and dynamic motions required by my sport. Having had a very successful baseball career himself, Josh understands how to strengthen the body to endure the movements of the game of baseball, while providing power and speed as well. His knowledge of sport specific training is second to none and I highly recommend him to all dedicated athletes who love their sport and wish to achieve their highest of goals."

Justin Knoff
Professional Baseball Player


"I strongly support Josh in what he's doing. His passion and technique are top of the line and he has helped and inspired so many people.

Thanks for your help and support and keep up the great work man!"

Palmer Karr,
Professional Baseball Player
(2007 United League All Star and Playoff MVP)


"Josh’s work ethic and passion is what sets him apart from other trainers I have dealt with in my 30 years in professional baseball.

He is a difference maker!!!!"

Mike Toomey,
Special Asst. General Manager
Kansas City Royals


"Josh Courage is an exceptional trainer, not just because of his technical knowledge but because of his personality and his effectiveness as a communicator and motivator. His unique combination of skills gives him the ability to help a wide range of clients, from my son (a Division I college athlete) to myself (a 50+ desk jockey who desperately needed to overcome years of inactivity and start to get in shape).

Josh understands the human body and knows how to get results while avoiding undue stress or injury. He is a highly motivated athlete himself, which is inspiring to his clients. And -- he is a lot of fun to work with! I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to get fit!"

Mark Whitener,
Antitrust lawyer, Washington, DC.


"Josh Courage is a very positive and enthusiastic individual that is committed to helping people reach their personal fitness goals. Josh put together a strength and conditioning program for my son and educated him on the benefits of each exercise.

I truly believe that this helped my son increase his overall strength and his performance on the field. His selfless dedication is beyond reproach. And aside from all that, he is truly a great guy and good friend."

Sonny Cachuela,
(Father of a D1 baseball scholarship athlete and good friend of Josh Courage)


"Josh Courage is never dull. You are always challenged to do things you didn't think you could do. In addition, the routines are different each time and require you to develop agility, strength, and overall fitness. Me and my husband are addicted. Plus, we love Josh. I can't recommend Josh Courage enough. In fact, I do all the time."

Abigail Golden-Vazquez


I want to thank you so much for working with me this summer.  I got a lot stronger and gained a total of 12 pounds.  You definitely helped me feel prepared for college baseball.

Robby - Division 1 Baseball Player


"I greatly enjoyed having Josh Courage conduct pitching lessons for our 13U travel baseball team this winter. He was a very strong communicator and clear and organized with each player. He taught to each player's individual skill level, and each player developed considerably over the course of the winter. I would recommend him to any baseball team as either a pitching coach or as a team coach. We hope we get the opportunity to hire him for a full season in the future."


Charles Hutson
Vice President
BCC Baseball