Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go Giants

Yesterday was a huge day out here in the Bay area, and I was damn happy to be a part of the big happenings.  I had my friend Jake in from Vegas and we headed to the City to check out Alcatraz and to hang out for a bit.  The weather was brutal, and when we hopped off the train, it was straight pouring rain.  We figured what the hell and went off on the ferry for The Rock anyway. Good times all around, and the cold wind and rain actually added to the creepiness of the place.  Jake snapped off that "look at me I'm a typical CrossFitter" picture of me above, in the solitary confinement cells.

We then found a cab (after about an hour of searching for one...) and set off to find a cool Mexican place I had read about.  On the way though, I contacted my buddy Mike from college, and it turned out he was watching the game at a buddys house about a mile from where we were.  So, we changed course and met up with them.  This proved to be the best decision of the day!  Mike and his friends were INSANE Giants fans, and watching this awesome game with them was so much fun.  When Wilson snuck in a back door slider to catch Howard looking for the strike out and the final out, sending the Giants to the World Series, the room went ballistic.  The remainder of the night, wandering about the city, things were boiling over in celebration.  It was such an uplifting thing to be surrounded by, so much positive energy and emotion.  What a night!

And to rewind a little.  Earlier in the day, Lindsey, Jake, Jake's brother, girlfriend and friend all joined me for a workout at CP (that's what I'll be calling the new space until I can come up with a better name).  I wanted to do something basic enough, but still tough with some heavier weights and unique conditioning, and I wanted overhead squats in the mix.

5 rounds for time of:
10 overhead squats 115#
10 pull ups
10 broad jumps 6'
10 half moons 52#

Got everything unbroken as I went, but felt like I may have taken too much time on the half moons and on transitions between rounds.  I finished at 12:35.  Jake's brother is a CrossFitter, and tore up the workout in about 17, the rest of the group did modified versions or their own thing.  All around it was a good time, and was real fun to work out with a decent sized group.

Today was an off day for me, I joined Lindsey while she did deadlifts and strict presses.  My focus was a good solid foam roll session, then some shoulder support work, nothing tough or challenging, just goofing off with different moves and holds.  So pumped for 1RM work on my Max Effort training this coming week, AND, I will be making my way across the country at the end of the week; more on that tomorrow or Tuesday.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage


Jim Bathurst said...

Nice handstand pic in the cell! May I suggest Convict Conditioning for all your workout needs? Hahah...

Josh Courage said...

Despite the goofy title, that book looks awesome actually. May have to get it.