Wednesday, October 20, 2010

AnywhereFit Reader Challenge Submission

Today's double dip started off with a journey into the hills just south of San Francisco.  My buddy Blair Morrison started a readers workout challenge last month, and I wanted to get in on this months fun: do a workout at a monument.  So, I searched around and ultimately found this sweet one where the San Francisco Bay was first discovered.  I drove up to Skyline College, searched around for about 15 minutes until I finally found the trail head.  Then 2.5 miles, and some crazy hills later I arrived at the site.  Standing about 20 meters apart, on a large, flattened out ridge, was two monuments.  One was basically a large rock, seen bellow.

The other was this one!

I was feeling the trek up there a little, so I decided to keep it simple with the workout and chose to run back and forth between the two of them, climbing to the top of each ten times through.  Forgot to time it, but I would say it took about 6 minutes or so.  It was a great time, and the crazy fog added this eery feel throughout the entire trip.  After the workout, I jogged most of the way back to the car and headed back home.  Check out the video: 

Later on in the day I went for my Max Effort front squats and was feeling very good.  With the knowledge that I am all out maxing next week, I held back a hair to work on form and really feeling every aspect of the lift.  Got 285# on the final set and felt very, very good with it; I am hoping to get this over 300 next week which, given my crappy history with front squats, would be awesome!  I then hit a short metcon of 5 rounds of 1 bear complex at 95# (power clean, front squat, thruster, back squat, thruster) and 5 box jumps at 30".  This was quick as expected, but my legs just got to burning real fast.  I finished in 2:18, perfect workout for the days work.  Finished off the day with 3 rounds of 10 good mornings (worked up to 125# and felt good) and extreme leg raises (lie on a bench, let your legs hang off the end, then lift them and your back off the bench reaching your legs as high as possible before returning them to the ground.  The idea is to keep your torso and legs rigid the entire time, freaking hard).  Here's the video from that workout:

A good days work that leads into a well-deserved rest day tomorrow.  I will be bringing equipment to my new space and snapping off some pics to post up, so check that exciting stuff out tomorrow!  So pumped to have a space!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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