Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Jiu-jitsu

Last Saturday I attended a seminar with a pretty well known Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor Tio Chico Augusto. We worked Butterfly Guard which is a position where one person sits on his knees and the other sits with his feet hooked in behind the bent knees. The one on his knees in the other persons butterfly guard.

We worked about 5 transitions from one move and drilled them for a good long while until we felt pretty comfortable with the movements. After that, we worked guard passing for about 20 minutes as an open mat session. All these moves opened up some big doors for me and one of the biggest realizations I had while rolling was the use of your arms while you sweep your opponent. I have been feeling very comfortable lately (much more comfortable than a few months ago that is) and it has been a little easier for me to move around more freely on the mat, rather then just stay stuck in one area holding onto a position for dear life. My sweeps (when you transition away from you opponent, or move or flip your opponent into defensive position) have been getting much better because of this freedom I've been feeling. But what I found was that I use my legs a lot; I do this because my legs are strong and when I use them I end up staying on my back on the floor which is a little more comfortable for me, but it does not give me a better position. Now, I have the ability to use my arms to just nudge my opponent in the direction he is leaning and the sweep just happens, with me right behind in a perfect position. Beautiful.

Have I mentioned I enjoy this stuff?

Never Stop. GET FIT

Josh Courage