Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Courage Performance Has A Home!

Courage Performance (the athletic training company powered by CrossFit) is officially opening up its highly unique and effective training methods out of the volleyball-based performance center 1st String Athletics.  Courage Performance's introduction will take place at a huge open house on October 24th (from 9 to around 3ish).  I will be there offering CrossFit demo training (11-11:30am), along with a few fun challenges that are sure to get the blood and muscles pumping (all day)!  After that, classes will start up on November 1st.

An introductory package is being offered to anyone wanting to give this fun workout program a try: over the months of November and December, we will be offering a total of 54 classes.  You can attend as many of these as you want for only $350.  Here are the class times:




I have some very grand plans over the course of the next six months for Courage Performance and CrossFit Courage.  We expect classes to fill up very quickly given the effectiveness of the training, and the need for this wonderful fitness community in the Burlingame area.  Expect many new times to start up soon, and please send in your requests for times that would work best for you!  We will add them according to demand.

On to my personal thoughts.  I am beyond excited to get things going here in Burlingame, and it makes it that much better knowing that I will be running my company from such a wonderful facility.  1st String Athletics is a non-profit center that offers coaching for teams and camps, along with athletic training at a damn affordable price to anyone and everyone, and that fits directly in line with everything that I believe in.  With no CrossFit, and nothing like my training methods offered anywhere in the greater Burlingame area, this announcement could not come at a better time.  All you need to do is walk into this place and you will instantly feel your heart rate rise with excitement over the potentially awesome workouts that could take place.  The space is cavernous, the ceilings seem endlessly high.  Collegiate level squat racks and Olympic platforms with top of the line bumpers and a vast collection of everything you could possibly imagine to lift, throw, push, pull and climb cover the massive rubber flooring.  And to top it all off, two full-sized basketball courts and a massive upstairs studio top off the place making it the most deal training location for anyone.

I am moving all my equipment in and putting together the necessary changes to the website over the course of this week, so be sure to stay tuned for pictures and programming concepts.  Just know that this site will stay pretty much the same as it is now.  The daily workout can be seen just to the right, and clicking on the "workout archive" will take you to the, well, workout archive.  Clicking on the location and pricing links above will supply some more information as well, and pretty soon you will be able to register for training directly through this site.

And you better believe it folks, some exciting events will be taking place before you know it.  So all you West Coasters, come check it out, and all my old East Coasters, get your trip out here planned soon!  So much more to come over the next few weeks!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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can't wait to come check it out. congrats buddy!