Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trans-America Workout #6 - w/ Blair Morrison

On Friday we set off for our final leg of our trip across the country to relocate in San Mateo , California.  Leaving early from Elko, Nevada, we had a bit over 500 miles to ride, and through some hilly roads as we passed through the Nevada/California border.  So we got to driving.

It was pretty uneventful for the most part, except for the state line crossing where we had to get "inspected" at a truck inspection station.  This involved a grumpy old man who looked at my license, asked about three questions and sent us on our way.  We got about 100 yards and then had to pull over to show our cargo to the agricultural inspection station.  The young man asked me if I had any plants or produce, then if I had any animals or maybe some cocaine.  Then he scowled at me jokingly because I had nothing for him to do.  He sent us on our way.

We rolled into Folsom, CA around 5:15pm and pulled up to my good friend Blair Morrison's place to get a little workout in and grab some dinner.  It was great to see him again after so long and I am extremely excited to know that we are going to be so close to each other now.  Workout and adventure ideas are flowing!  He drove us down to the Folsom walking bridge where he set up a pair of rings underneath it.  To workout under that bridge, with the river flowing beneath us, and the weather as perfect as it was, was the definition of perfect conditions.  Lindsey set up on a support beam to work on dips, while Blair and I did 5 sets of max muscle ups.  This is something I need work on, and have them programmed a lot into my next two months (next post will go into my programming), so it was great to get work with these.  I was able to get 2, 3, 4, 2, 3 on the sets and felt very good.  Four is a PR for me and I was able to string together 2 without using the false grip (final two on round 3, and both on round 4).  Very happy with that showing.

We then went back to Blair's place where he has his garage set up very similarly to what I had in Maryland.  We hit this nice metcon to get pumping a bit:

5 rounds for time of:
20 push ups (hand off the ground at bottom)
50 double unders

Lindsey got 10 push ups and 50 singles and tore it up in a bit over 5 minutes.  Blair and I went after it pretty hard and finished within seconds, Blair at 6:57, myself at 7:01.  The push ups were brutal.  Something I struggle with a bit anyway, but with the hands off the ground, that just makes them a whole new monster.

After jumping in the pool for a little, Blair whipped us up a nice little dish and we set out to complete our journey.  We got home at around 11pm, set up some pillows and fell right to sleep.  Now, being Sunday afternoon, we are moved out of the truck (that damn thing is out of our lives finally), and in the process of getting everything put into their proper place in our house.  Workouts are off for yesterday and today (although, moving everything, including all 5000+ pounds of gym equipment down the driveway and into the house was a pretty tough job), and we will be stating up tomorrow on an organized regimen.

I will be writing up a post on programming to explain how I came about both mine and Lindsey's workout plan today and tomorrow.  I'll also post up some pics of our new home!!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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