Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Olympics

As the 2008 summer Olympics move on I sit in awe of the collection of athletes that have made it so high to the top of their skill. These people work hard!

One of the best aspects for me as I watch, is the ability to see sports that i do not normally get to watch with my basic cable TV set up at my house. Sports like swimming and gymnastics, and judo, and water polo. I wish we all had the ability to watch all sports and I wish that these athletes had the same amount of respect in America as football, basketball and baseball players do. When you really look at them, most of these sports require much more all around athleticism than the most popular American viewed sports.

So watch these Olympics, watch all the different sports and applaud the dedication these men and women have as they compete with the world and for the world.

Perhaps they will inspire you...

Never Quit, GET FIT

Josh Courage