Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday - 5/12/10

 "Pick It Up"
10 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max deadlift (as many attempts as needed)

5 minute active rest (walk, jog, move)

21-15-9 of:
GHD Sit Ups

2 minute rest

4 rounds of:
100 meter weighted run
50 double unders

No Gym WOD
Sit ups

2 minute rest

4 rounds of:
100 meter weighted run / 200 meter run
50 tuck jumps

Something I learned over the past couple years is the genious concept of active rest between exercises or workouts.  What this means is that you will be recovering from any sort of real intensity while still doing something productive for your fitness.  This sort of rest can consist of just moving around a little more than swaying your body, like jogging, jumping jacks or speed walking and easy biking, to working specific corrdination drills.  One of my favorites is standing in an athletic position and having playing cards thrown at you; the goal is to catch the cards with one hand.  This will automatically keep the heart rate up a little bit, but will keep you sharp and ready for pretty much any demand and load.  It will also help to increase hand-eye coordination, something I feel is under-practiced by most CrossFitters and athletes.

In other news, the official announcement for the CrossFit Courage Games 2010 CrossFit competition his happened!  If you want to sign up, just click the link on the left of this site and you can register there.  More details are up at and on the FaceBook page (if your not a friend on FaceBook, go ahead and be one!).

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