Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday - 5/20/10

"Hard Mile"
3 x 1-mile (1600 meters) run

No Gym WOD:
Yup, same thing.

Run 1 mile for time, hard.  Rest 1-5 minutes with easy walking or jogging.  Then repeat, trying to beat that last time.

New announcements will begin on the CrossFit Courage Games 2010 next Monday.  I have been consulting with outsiders, judges and friends (all whom are NOT competing of course) about the workouts and have been able to sift out any major issues that may have been hiding in there.  As of now, we have a good selection of people signed up, and are expecting that registration will be open for a good deal of time (60 competitors IS quite a bit).  But, to be safe, if you are on the fence at all...sign up!  The workouts will be scalable, they will be fun, and challenging. 

I know that while there will be a handful of people out there who will most likely be beasts, there will mostly be your average CrossFitter looking for an awesome experience.  So if that's something your interested in, competition, good food, incredible support and something you will remember for a long time, either sign up, or mark it on your calanders as something to check out on June, 19th!

Get to training folks, we are a month away!!

CrossFit Courage Games 2010

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