Monday, May 24, 2010

Tuesday - 5/25/10

"Quick First Step"
10 x 10 yard sprint
rest 30 seconds between sprints.  Be quick!

8 x 100 meters
rest on your walk back to start

4-corner drills

No Gym WOD:
Same thing

Following this years build-up to the CrossFit Games, I have been so excited to see the innovative workouts that are being implemented.  Logs, weight vests, tires, sleds, double unders on the grass, trail runs, sand bags, and so on.  It's been a nice couple months of seeing really well-thought-out exercises and workouts, and it has been inspiring.  The great thing is: while I have always been partial to these awesome tools to train with, I have so rarely seen them being used on such a large stage.  It pumps me up to no end to see that these are the types of things CrossFit might be leaning towards, and as CrossFit grows, it can only mean that more and more people will be seen flipping tires down the street and running around the neighborhoods with sandbags draped over their shoulders.  What else can people come up with in terms of workout tools?  Just walk into the woods, a lumber yard, a junk yard, a garage; I can guarantee it, you will find something perfect for a great workout.

The competitive field for this, the first ever CrossFit Courage Games (or, Courage Games as seems to be catching on...) seems to be a perfect mixed bag.  As of now, with over a third of the total number already signed up, we are actually just about 50/50 men and women!  This is exciting to me to think we might get 30 men and 30 women out there to battle it out in the great outdoors.  A greater step in CrossFit too, something I am seeing more and more in fact, that women are coming out in much greater numbers to try out the impressive effects of working out hard.

Here at Courage Performance, we just got two new people on board to help out through the summer, and that can only mean one thing: more info for you!  Pictures, videos, some cool product coming up, more programs, fun stories and interesting adventures throughout the summer.  This week is going to be a big one towards the Courage Games prep, so get signed up, hit the gym a little harder, drag your weights outside in fact, and feel just how much harder you will work when in nature.  Let me know thoughts on workouts, ideas for food for the after-party, anything and everything.

So much excitement I can barely handle it!!

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