Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday - 5/17/10

"Sumo Beast"
10, 10, 10, 10, 10 Sumo Deadlifts (90 seconds rest between sets)

no more than 5 minutes rest

4 rounds of:
25 meter weighted rope pull
30 wall balls
30 toes to bar

No Gym WOD:
3 rounds of:
100 meter duck walk
100 meter bear crawl
50 tuck jumps
50 pike sit ups

Just came back from a Home Dept run where I was able to get a car towing rope that will be perfect to climb.  For the WOD today though, we will be using a normal rock climbing support rope (any rope will do for this).  I have decided that rope usage in working out is such a great tool.  You can climb, swing, pull, drag, it is so versatile and functional that I am convinced anyone looking to become truly fit needs to have a good collection of it around.

We also got a few other tools at The Garage, I will post a couple pictures up for tomorrow to show everyone what I got!  And I know plenty of you will be analyzing each picture and word that I put up here to try to figure out what the workouts might be for the CrossFit Courage Games, but I can assure you, nothing will slip unless I want it to!

Speaking of the competition though, we have agreed to donate a portion of every single registration fee to Steve's Club.  Steve was generous enough to help out in supplying some great Paleo Kits for my ride across the country, and since then, I have been talking with them about ways to spread the word of fitness to those who need it but can not afford it.  I personally have a couple programs that are being organized as we speak for the DC area and I know Steve's Club will be a part of them.  And when CrossFit Courage and Courage Performance hit the West Coast, we will continue our passion to get children and families active and healthy!

Updates will be coming out this week, and I expect a great deal of spots to fill up as well, so register soon to secure your spot!

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