Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Little Change

So, since I have taken a new step in my computer wizz-ness (as in, I know how to create static pages on my blog!).  I have formed a page specifically for the CrossFit Courage Workout Of The Day.  To follow along the programming, just click on the button above and check it out.  I will have todays WOD, along with the past 6 days on there; and, f you are interested in looking back through the WOD archives, there will be a "WOD Archive" widget on the side of the site in the next couple days.  Easy as that folks!

So, this main page here will be returning to my everyday blogging.  My workouts, my thoughts, my adventures and information on things coming up, you know, like the CrossFit Courage Games 2010!

Today it was hot.  And I tried to stay outside as much as possible!  First, I ran with a client training for the DC Triathlon.  Then I went after some jerks.  This was my low-point of the day.  I felt so uncomfortable with the lift, I felt unstable and slow.  I got 205#, after a few fails that is.  But with an extra little breath, it shot up so easily.  Then, I failed 3 times at 225#.  This is a weight I really should have no problem with, and  felt plenty strong enough to actually get the weight over my head; but, I just did not have the technique at all.  Something to work on.  A lot!

I then went out for a nice 4-mile run with Ori, and we really got after the second half of it.  Felt real good to sweat that much, and to just feel so exhausted!  Then, in not-so-smart programming mode, I went after a very short metcon of:

3 rounds of:
50 meter prowler push 90#
20 pull ups.

Did it in 4:58, felt good, very, very tired, but good.  The best part was that this prowler worked!  I built it this morning, and it ran so smoothly.

Tomorrow is a down day for lifting, I'll be doing my "Insanity" workout and stretching a lot.  And, I'll be riding my commuter bike all about as I run a ton of errands.  Looking forward to a chill day physically, but so amped up to hit the heavy weights again on Friday!

In Courage Games news: we are getting closer and closer now!  The WODs are officially ready to go, sponsors in line (lululemon has signed on in a BIG way folks!), and I will be working on the fuel options  while there, I'll be emailing all registered athletes in a few days about that.  In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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