Friday, May 7, 2010

Saturday - 5/8/10


Interval run, swim, bike, row

5 minutes easy
20 minutes of:
1 minute hard, 2 minutes soft
5 minutes easy

No Gym WOD:

The Same

Interval training has been shown to be the all time best way to cut fat.  What ends up happening is that you force your heart rate to spike, then drop, spike, then drop, and this forces your body to work extra hard, boosting metabolism and burning up calories like crazy.  The biggest difference between interval training and say, the WOD on Thursday, is that with sprint work, one is meant to go 100%, all out each sprint.  Intervals calls for a greater exertion than just moving, but not a complete max effort each "hard" section.  The idea is that when going hard, you get yourself to about 80-90% of your anaerobic threshold, then drop down to the max aerobic threshold rate during the recovery portion.

Mixing in conditioning to your practice, intervals and just straight aerobic training, will aid recovery in a great way.  You will train your body to be able to lower the hear rate quickly; and ones ability to control ones heart rate has a direct correlation to ones overall athleticism.

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