Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday/Sunday - 5/15 & 5/16/10


Given the unique nature of the workouts being performed at the first ever CrossFit Courage Games 2010, I know there is going to be a little concern and excited anticipation for what people are getting themselves into.  So I have decided to drop the first hint on what is to come in just over a month by actually designing the CrossFit Courage programming around preparing for the competition.

For today and tomorrow, go out and be active, strength train if you'd like, run, bike, swim, play some sports, it's your call.  Just know that on Monday we start heavy.

Registration has been up for a few days now and there are plenty of spots open still, but I will give the heads up that it has been sent to all the local affiliates.  I know that ones the coaches send the info out to their athletes, the spots will rapidly disappear, so get on it and sign up now!

I also wanted to touch on what the event will hold for spectators.  There will be food and drink for sale throughout, plenty of shaded areas to get out of the sun (assuming it will get pretty hot out there in mid-June) and if you have kids around, there are more than enough entertaining jungle gyms and areas for people of all ages around. 

After the event is over though, I hope that people can join us as we move from the Washington Waldorf School grounds, about 200 yards through a wooded path to The Garage.  We will be having a post-competition potluck-style cookout and pool party, with plenty of meat on the grill, fruit, veggies, drinks and probably a great deal of other choices as well.  Everyone is more then welcome to stay for however long they'd like; just bring over something to add to the table, and enjoy yourself!

This next week is going to be filled with new information and great workouts as we get closer and closer to the event, so get to working, and mark your calenders!


Josh Courage

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