Friday, May 21, 2010

Saturday - 5/22/10

"Going Sledding"
6, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2 Push Press (90-120 seconds rest between sets)

rest 10 minutes

10 x 100 meter Sled Sprint (75/45)
(rest is walk back 100 meters)

No Gym WOD:
5 rounds of:
Pike Push Ups/Hand Stand Push Ups
100 meter Sprint
(1 round = max rep presses, rest 30 seconds and repeat.  Sprint 100 meters and walk back as recovery)

Sled/prowler work is something I have always thought very highly of, but have never really been able to do with people.  When I was at Balance Gym, we used to pull sandbags across the floor, but since the opening of The Garage, we have not had the ability to do this.  Until now!

I have been testing out different ways to throw together your typical items from a great day at Home Depot to create the perfect sled.  And I have come up with two.  Tested one out the other day and it was perfect.  The other will have pushing capabilities, and I plan to program that in early next week.  I will post up pics and vids on this stuff next week.

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