Thursday, November 4, 2010

What A Day!

Today started off like any other, woke up, cooked up a nice big breakfast and got on with a bit of work.  As of now I am working on getting everything set up from a financial standpoint with my company out here in California, good times all around.  One of the greatest challenges for me as a business owner is accepting the reality of having to actually "run" a business, rather than just helping people out and working out all the time.  While I understand this, and am doing it, it's not my number one choice in terms of all out fun things to do in life. 

My first main event of the day was to run over to the Millbrae BART station to get my bike which I locked up when I took the train to the airport last week.  It's about 4 miles away, so I walked about a half mile, then ran the rest.  Upon getting to the bike rack, I noticed two things: first, my bike was not there.  Second, the two (yes I said TWO!) locks that I used to secure the thing were both lying on the ground, chopped in half.  Like the thief was giving a nice big middle finger in my face.  Super duper.  Thank good the bike is worth next to nothing, and to be honest, the most frustrating part of the whole situation was that I had 4 miles to run to get home, no quick bike ride.  "On Guard" bike locks is about to get a pissed off email from this guy!

Well, I get home to find that I have reached some sort of limit in my gmail account for sending emails.  Now that just seemed strange to me so, I looked into my sent mail folder and wouldn't you know it, someone had hacked into my email and sent some 500 spam emails from my account.  Sweet!  So now I am sans email until tomorrow afternoon which totally sucks a ton.

To up my attitude towards the day I went to the gym to get my workout.

5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3 deadlifts

4 rounds for time of:
10 box squat box jumps (32")
20 KB figure 8's (62#)
200 meter sandbag run (52#)

Now something must be headed in the right direction in my mind.  Despite everything, and, despite my serious lack of strength on deadlifts, I still felt real good.  Here's how it looked:  final set of 3, I struggled with keeping lumbar curve and had absolutely zero scaupular retraction on 385#.  Damn.  I think the reason I am not very worried about this is that I have confidence it will pick up fast.  After this week I will set my goals for the lifts, and I'll probably set them high.  I did that for my last phase and pretty much hit them all I think, so, gonna try to keep that up.

The metcon was a good one.  Starting the high box jumps from a seated position was very challenging, mainly because I had no momentum to work with, I had to rely on pure power to get up to the thing.  The figure 8's just flat out burned, and the run was fine, perhaps a little slow thanks to the extra 4 miles I ended up running this morning.  All around a great workout, and feeling very good going into a rest day tomorrow. 

Courageous Meals 5 is being written as we speak!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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