Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Squats and a Hike (and some Ribs!)

 Up in Norwich, NY, Lindsey, her brother Patrick and myself drove down to the local YMCA to get a lift in.  They went after power cleans and front squats while I went ahead and did a handful of sets of squats.  Now I have been feeling really good with this move as of the past few months, and I have written myself a goal of 435# by the March of 2011.  Today I made a pretty decent step in getting to that goal.  Today, after a few sets of 3 at 225#, 295# and 315#, I threw on 365# for an easy rep.  Then I did the same with 385#, 395# and then 405#.  I felt solid the entire time and even though I moved very slowly from the sticking point on up, I felt as though (especially after so much volume) I would be able to move up in weight very fast with this over the next few weeks.  Who knows, perhaps I'll surpass my goals!

Later on in the day, Lindsey's dad got back from work and we all drove through the beautiful country side to a trail head leading up Jones Hill, a peak they hike almost every year around this time.  It was not super long, but it was a real steep climb for most of the way,  At the top, besides being insanely cold, we had such a great view of the New York country.  We sat there for a good long while just soaking it all in and chatting before heading back down and back to the house to prepare dinner.

Yeah, so I've been craving ribs lately, have no idea as to why, but I really want them.  Back in the day I was a bit of a BBQ nut.  I even traveled around the US south for a couple weeks trying out as much top-notch BBQ as I possibly could.  I had some great stuff, and, some pretty crap stuff, but had a great time!  Recently, at a brewery in Burlingame, CA, I found a rack of ribs I would put in the top three I have ever had, unreal.  So, I want more!  Lindsey and I went over to the store and stocked up on a huge, meaty rack of ribs, some asparagus and zucchini and went back to fire it up!  This is not a Courageous Meals post, but I had a pretty interesting time cooking up the ribs in such a short time.  Besides a few of the middle cuts, they turned pretty good.  Now, with a perfectly full stomach, I am about to head to bed, and wake up tomorrow ready to feast away, workout like crazy, and celebrate Lindsey's birthday!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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