Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Metcon, Fat and Goals

Today, still feeling pretty sore from last weekends squat marathon, I wrote up a longer metcon based on one I did a while back when visiting Capitol Jiu-Jitsu in VA.  I wanted to get a collection of big movements in without going super heavy.  But the main thing was making sure there was a decent amount of skill involved so that I would stay focused throughout.

21-15-9 of
Hang power snatch (95#)
Lateral jump overs (height - 20" bar)(each jump is 1 rep)
Toes to bar

Rest exactly 1 minute then do:

2 minute AMRAP:
2 minute AMRAP
Muscle ups

Rest exactly 1 minute then do:

15-12-9 of
Clean and jerks 135#

This was, of course, pretty damn tiring.  The Gym was beyond stuffy today and that effected my muscle ups greatly.  I got 6:15 on the first portion and felt so so about it.  There was about a 15 second pause in there while I had to pick up a piece of equipment that fell off a plyo box, so, factor that in; and my hands kept slipping off the bar on the toes to bar.  Moving to the handstand push ups, I was able to get 7.  This is not all that great, but again, I was just using a single abmat and was able to get pretty solid reps here.  So progress on those is HUGE for me!  On to the muscle ups and I just could not do it.  Not because of strength, or missing on a skill piece, but because every time I went to kip I slipped right off the rings.  I was sweating so much in fact, that the chalk was just caking on my hands.  I got zero reps.  Finally, the clean and jerks and burpees.  Wow.  Tough.  I got this is in 9:48 and had nothing left in the tank at all.  This was exactly what I wanted out of today's workout!

The other fun thing I did today was take a skin fold body fat test.  I was feeling curious about this seeing how the only testing I have done for this has been on one of those hand-held testers.  The strength guy at 1st String Athletics, Matt, helped me out a but on this, and we had a fun time looking through all the different calculations, ultimately landing on the Jackson Pollock method.  I took measurements in 5 locations (commonly you would take them in 3 or 7.  Check out this link for the test sites).  I did the Triceps, chest, suprailiac, abdominal and thigh and came out with 6, 6, 18, 16 and 6 respectively.  After throwing around a few different calculations, I found an on-line calculator that used the same Jackson Pollock method, check it out HERE.  This leaves you with a collection of measurements that are all pretty interesting to know.  I ended up with a body fat percentage of 8.21, which is actually a lot less than I thought I had, so, pretty cool.

I still have a goal to lose a bit more of this.  Based off this calculation, I would like to be in the 6% range over the course of the next few months.  Should be a fun adventure.  In the process of doing this, I have been working on designing a goal page for my site.  This page will have the basic lifts, basic body composition/measurement options and a few others as well.  What I will basically have is a Word document you can download and write in your specifics, then email it back to me and I can post it up on the Goals page of my site.  I will then be revisiting the page every two months or so to check out the progress, and you all can send in your progress reports as well.  It's good to have something out there that keep you in check and holds you responsible, no excuses people!!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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