Monday, November 15, 2010

My Legs Are SHOT!

Check out the rolling hills leading to the Pacific!  This is where we live!

So, after a real nice off day, exploring the coast line just south of San Francisco with Lindsey (yeah, we are less than 30 minutes form a freaking unreal beach!), a bunch of foam rolling and stretching, I am STILL having a tough time getting around normally.  Those 225# squats got me like crazy, I feel like the muscles in my legs are abut to just rip to pieces if I do anything dynamic.

But, I know that won't happen, just got to ease into things.  So, I headed to the hills for a long run along the ridge.  This proved to help a lot.  I probably got about 4 or 5 miles in in around 40 minutes, a very slow pace for me, but, I was intentionally moving slow and, the hills were, well, steep as hell!  With the temperature in the mid-70's it was perfect.  Even though I am still roughing through getting in and out of a chair, I feel a ton better after being in the great outdoors for a while.
Lindsey Getting Her Climb On!

Back at The Gym I hit up my final cycle of my second phase of Max Effort Jerks.  I was able to get 255# and it felt so smooth and easy.  I then went to 260# and literally locked the weight out no problem, just too far forward and it fell!  I need help!  Check out the video and please let me know if you have suggestions!

The metcon was given to me by Lindsey (who actually prescribed 155# for 10 reps on the ground to overhead!): With a running clock do 100 burpees with 3 ground to overhead anyhow's at 185# at the top of each minute.  I got all set up, and, in a rae move for me, opted out of doing it.  My legs tightened up so fast I just decided to work on some skill work (HSPU, planche, skin the cats) and foam roll a bunch.  I need my legs to get better stat, and I feel there is no need to destroy them any more with crazy metcons!

In other news, I wanted to talk a bit about two other solid performances I was able to witness this past weekend.  Lindsey hit the Mid-Atlantic hopper workouts with me and put forth a damn solid effort.  The best was the squat workout.  The women's weight was 135# and to date, Lindsey had got up to 150# (not that hard a weight for her, but given the lack of super heavy metcons in her programming, 135# for max reps was a damn big shock to the body).  She tore it up though with 23 strong reps!  I am so beyond impressed (and a bit envious to be honest) of how quickly she is progressing.  Her overall strength numbers have been sky rocketing (PR'd on power cleans yesterday with 115# like it was nothing) and her metcons just keep getting faster, stronger and better.  Proof of this was her getting all three workouts from the Hopper Rx'd.  And to make it even better, she pushes me like crazy, critiques my form and helps me out with my progress!  No video footage of her getting these workouts, but I'm sure you'll see a couple fun Thanksgiving workouts with us killing it soon enough!

Secondly, James Powell, an employee of 1st String Athletics has dropped in for a few workouts over the weeks and I gave him the benchmark workout "Filthy Fifty" to try.  He wanted something to kick his ass a little, so, well, perfect!  He was able to pull through it at just a bit over 38 minutes, a damn respectable time for a beginning CrossFitter.  I think we may have a beast in the making with this guy!

Alright folks, feeling some good energy for this weeks total max effort.  Along with a loaded post on a couple fun topics later on, I'll share it all with you!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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