Friday, November 12, 2010

Pulling Heavy!

Today, in a wonderfully empty gym, I attacked my weighted pull ups, dips, and of course a great metcon.  I was feeling fresh and strong and it showed on my last effort of each.  I was able to get 90# pretty comfortably on the pull ups, and the dips were strong as well with 85#, and that was also on the rings.  The only tough part I had with this workout was my weight loading choice.  I don't have a belt for this yet, so I ended up using a small harness hooked to my weight vest.  The harness was small enough to string through plates, so it worked out pretty well, except for my fear of it breaking while I worked out.  Pumped to get my goal of 100# on both lifts!

The metcon was an interesting one:

10 minute AMRAP of:
2 handstand push ups
2 muscle ups
50 meters SB overhead run 52#
10 wall-touch rolling sit ups (lie with head 1 foot from wall, lift legs until feet touch wall behind head, roll open and perform a full sit up. That is one rep)

I was able to get 4 rounds plus 2 handstand push ups, and I felt realy good with this.  Not because I actually think that's a good score, but because I was able to get all HSPU's with just an abmat (the greatest range of motion I have been able to get so far), and I got all muscle ups unbroken.  The run and the sit ups were just fine, and they actually ended up acting as a recovery so i could really pout my energy into the two things I struggle with.

After that, I got a few rounds of support work in, just to work on core stability and scapular retraction a bit.  Some good food later and I am ready to hit The Gym tomorrow with Lindsey to try out the first three workouts from last weekends Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge that took place back East.  I had a handful of friends attend (Big Dan, someone I have workout out with a lot and has had a few mentions in this blog, came in 6th, and Christy Phillips, another workout partner won 1st for the women!) and I am excited to give the workouts a go.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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