Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Say Goodbye To This Site!

As of today folks, this site is no more.  This post will be the final post here, and if you want to read up on my fitness adventures and all the other fun I post, you got to head over to www.courageperformance.com.

Also, if you saved this site in your favorites, or bookmarked it and so on, please take a couple seconds to switch all that up.  Just head to the new site and bookmark that one!  I should be able to shift things to all those who get email alerts and whatnot, but to make matters easier, you can subscribe to theRSS feed of the  blog on my new site by simply clicking the "RSS" button on the sidebar of the blog.  That will aloow the new posts to pop up on your feed each and every day!

Sorry to those who need to switch things up, but this new site is so much more functional now that I have this new gym and such rolling.  And I know that you all will enjoy it's simplicity and look as well.

So head on over, subscribe to the blog, follow on Facebook and Twitter, and enjoy!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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