Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fueling Well

Today ended up being another rest day.  I had a very tough time with the concept of sleep last night and ended up not getting to dream land until around 3am.  So today I was a little out of it overall.  I did however get the chance to drive around for a few hours looking for the new Courage Performance training center!  Saw a tons of places, and know this place is going to absolutely rock when it opens up. SOON!  I could go on forever about my new spot, but, today's post is focused back on nutrition.
I have been focusing more and more on making my own meals, and this has been going very well.  Some of the ideas that were wonderfully offered by nutritionist Michael Donovan for me were to stop eating out so much, cut back on the mixed nuts, prepare meals more regularly and try new ingredients.  I find myself eating the same meal, or a slightly tweaked version of the same meal at least 4 times per week for a good month or more when I prepare it myself.  So, the goal has been to prepare things differently, and try new ingredients.  So, I have been doing just that!

Baked halibut over garlic herb cous cous and beets with sautéed squash and zucchini.  This was the first meal we cooked at our new house, and it was a great one.  The fish was very fresh, and beets were an interesting addition to the cous cous.  I think the main thing with those red suckers is to steam or boil them a whole lot longer then we did, get them a little more tender.  The veggies ended up being lunch the next day, mixed with rotisserie chicken and olives.

Breakfast!  Lots of eggs and chicken sausage, I tend to overdo this one a bit, I need to learn a few different ideas for this meal (but I LOVE this combo of food!).  Eggs scrambled, over medium, mixed together with spinach, peppers, onions and sausage, mostly egg whites, so on, so forth.

Lindsey cooked us up a new one for the morning the other day and it was so damn good.  Pancakes made of eggs, almond meal, apple sauce and a few other flavorings (all natural, organic, and, even Paleo).  Topped with apple sauce and some nice blueberries, this was the introduction of an absolutely amazing addition to the breakfast plans.

So far my favorite dinner made at our house has to be the almond crusted chicken breast.  Almond meal, eggs, Italian herb salad dressing and a few other spices coated the chicken, and they were popped into the oven to bake.  Herb cous cous and a veggie-packed salad along side, man, what a meal!

Last night I whipped up some Italian style chicken sausage with peppers and onions, along with a small salad, very basic, but very tasty.

And finally, a dish that surprised both Lindsey and myself:  black bean burgers, onion, tomato, mustard and ketchup, wrapped in fresh lettuce.  Yet another five or so minute to prepare, but very rewarding to eat type of meal.  Highly recommended.

So there's some good food for you so far.  I will be throwing at you more of my fun fueling process as I continue to experiment and come up with new and better ideas of what I can actually make.  Ideas and recipes are more than welcome!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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