Monday, September 27, 2010

Bright And Early

Lindsey and I got up well before the sun today to get a workout in before Lindsey left for LA for work.  5:15am down to the garage for 5, 3, 1+ deadlifts and strict presses.  Still feeling pretty tight from Friday and Saturday, we got a good dynamic warm up in, then hit the weights.  My last set at the deadlifts was supposed to be 410#, but because I was using all bumper plates (iron plates make too much noise, and we are not ready to make enemies in the neighborhood yet...) I could not fit that amount of weight on the bar.  So, my final set was at 405#.  Still struggling a little with form, I was able to get 3 good reps.  With Lindsey's form wavering a bit on deadlifts as well, I immediately proposed that we focus on posterior chain support work next week, and then we will even consider removing deadlifts from our next phase of 5/3/1 to focus on getting our core and spines up to par.  This will be talked about in greater detail when we approach our de-loading week next week.

Presses felt pretty good actually.  I was supposed to get 145# for my last set, but loaded 140# and got 4.  I felt strong with that weight, and then got frustrated that I didn't use the right weight.  So, as Lindsey went up to shower up and pack her last few things for work, I snuck in another round at 155#.  Got 2.  Feeling stronger with the overhead, but man, the progress is SLOW!

A super shake later, and I drove Lindsey to the airport, me being good ol' Mr. Mom!

Later today I'm doing a run and a short metcon:

Run - about 6 miles

AMRAP 8 minutes of:
3 squat snatches 95#
8 burpees
13 pull ups
(5 strict pull up penalty for every break)

I'll let you all know how it goes.  Courageous Meals 1 coming later today!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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