Monday, September 6, 2010

Trans-America Workout #1

I am in a hotel in Peoria, IL with Lindsey, finally able to get a post down about the progress on our drive across this country as we relocate to California.  So far it's been pretty fun, visited Lindsey's grandmother in Rochester, NY on Saturday; then one of her oldest friends Sarah and her husband Ryan in Cincinnati, OH.

We had such a blast yesterday with the two of them, absolutely wonderful food, plenty of good drink and to top it off, even better company.  Sarah is a wiz in the kitchen, and cooked up a gem of a salmon dinner for us as we pulled in from our long first real day of driving.

We woke up a little groggy, and I headed out for a quick run through the surrounding neighborhood.  About 3.5 miles I would say, in abut 26 minutes.  Not impressive by any means, but it was really nice to get out there and just move for an extended period of time.

We said our goodbyes to our gracious hosts and set off for the rest of our journey,  From here on out it is going to get pretty interesting.  We really do not have any plans besides finding decent food, getting workouts in, and if we see something we want to check out, we will!  So, we hit the road with Pandora playing some good tunes and playing what I understand to be called "Eureka Puzzles".  Basically, these involve the telling of a very skeleton situation, and then the other person must figure out what is going on by only asking yes or no questions.  For example: "A man is found hanging in an otherwise empty locked room with a puddle of water under his feet".  That's it.  Then the other person tries to figure out what the hell happened.  Any guesses?

Lindsey putting together some turkey wraps as we ride.

Well, when we hit the boarder of Indiana and Illinois, we pulled over to get a good workout in.

4 rounds for time of:
20 deadlifts 155/95
5 clean and jerks 155/95
10 burpee to lateral jump overs
25 meter bear crawl
75 meter run

This was so great!  Tough as hell, especially after a long ride in a truck, and the crazy dry heat going on, but so great to push through.  I re-tore my shin (from when I fought my plyo box a while back) on re three of the deadlifts, an the blood was pretty intense, but not bad enough to stop.  I finished in 15:35, Lindsey came in at 17:29.  This was an awesome way to start our fun "Trans-America Workouts"!

Video to be uploaded tomorrow.

Again, I will re-posting up as often as I can, and please follow along on twitter and facebook as I will be throwing up constant updates.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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