Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trans-America Workout #4

Yesterday was a damn lot of driving!  We woke up early in Lincoln, Nebraska, found some pretty good food at a near by Cracker Barrel, and hit the road.  A bit after midday we passed into Wyoming, and we just continued on.  A little better scenery I must add.  Around 6pm or so, we pulled off the interstate with the hopes of finding a decent place to get a light workout.  And that is exactly what we found.

The small town of Buford, Wyoming.  And when I say small town, I mean population 1 (yep, ONE).  We pulled into the gas station, where a small wood cottage sat near by, asked the man working (and yes, he was the towns sole resident) if it would be cool if we ran around his town for a bit, then got after it.

5 alternating rounds of (1 person works while the other rests):
15 box jumps
100 meter shuttle run

(Video will be posted to Facebook soon, to this site later today or tomorrow am)

This was perfect for what we had done workout-wise the past couple days, and for the rusty-ness our bodies were feeling from the hours in a truck.  The cool air and vast, scenic surroundings added a bit to the motivation to just get after it a little.  We did not keep time, just went as hard as we could.  Then, we went on in to the station, picked up a couple waters and chatted up "The Buford Guy" for a bit.  Turns out, Burford was a relatively popular town of a little over 2000 back in the day.  But with the train coming through, most of the houses were torn up.  Cheyenne is only about 20 minutes East, but at one point, there was a school, plenty of houses, a general store and more.  Now, this one man occupies the entire town.  He moved from a "crazy" life in LA, searching around for something quiet, and well, he sure as hell found it.  Built his house, a garage, used some of the old buildings to make an office and storage.  The, he built up the station that we were talking in after the old one got indirectly struck by lighting.  Pretty cool stuff!

Back on the road, we stopped at a little restaurant in Rawlins, WY, forced down the "food" we got, then hit the road for another 120 or so miles to Green River, were we shacked up for the night in a hotel beneath some massively looming rock formations.  Today calls for another long day of driving, with the ultimate goal of reaching middle- Nevada!  And, of course, a couple more workouts... we hope.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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