Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trans-America Workout #2 and #3

Yesterday we gained ground.  We also got to do a good amount in terms of what we planned for.  Hitting the round around 10am (after an oily hotel breakfast) from Peoria, IL, we drove like the wind for a few hours before stopping at a rest stop somewhere in Iowa for our Trans-America Workout #2!

8 rounds of "Cindy"
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
3 trailer climbs for Lindsey
1 truck climb for Josh

This one was pretty fun, despite the wafting smells of some serious farmland that just does not inspire heavy breathing.  It took a little to gt started because a trucker parked next to us, after watching me scale the truck to see if it was doable, called me over to ask if I was either crazy or on drugs.  He proceeded to tell me that 80% of all major trucking injuries and deaths occur when truckers fall the 4 feet from their trailer ledge to the ground.  I did not have the nerve to tell him that Lindsey and I probably were not you average truckers in terms of physical make-up, but we enjoyed a conversation all the same.  I am also pretty sure that he got confirmation on the "crazy" after talking with me a bit a more.  It is funny how people think difficulty is a sign your workout is NOT a good one.  But, after climbing to the top, and him explaining how a truck is put together (and the insanely strong winds), I decided that climbing across the top would probably be a bit, well, crazy.  So, just up and down would do.  Lindsey got her in 10:26, I got mine in 7:54.

We continued to drive, noticing that the interstate along most of Iowa is just NOT conducive to comfortable truck driving, at leas not Budget Trucks.  Basically, most of the day involved us bumping around like we were on hydraulics.  Entertaining for about 30 seconds, but after a few hours of this... so not cool.

Around 8:30, we pulled into Lincoln, Nebraska to rest for the night.  Oh, one thing about driving into Nebraska, there was no welcome sign!  I was pumped to get one from each state as I drove, but there was only a "Welcome To Omaha" sign, under construction mind you.  Oh well, what made up for it (but sadly I did not get a picture) was seeing Rosenblatt Stadium.  This is the home of the College World Series (baseball for those of you who do not know), and is a place I would rather see a game in than any major league stadium out there.  I guess we will be returning to Nebraska some day!

In Lincoln, we grabbed some equipment out of the back of the truck and attacked Trans-America Workout #3

"Cross Gym Online Challenge"
30 thrusters 50/30 kg
30 pull ups (women do 20)
rest about 5 minutes
10 minute AMRAP of:
50 jumping jacks
50 mountain climbers
25 sit ups

The challenge was something that was brought to my attention by my good buddy Blair Morrison, Cross Gym is like the Rogue Fitness for Europe, and they posted this challenge up on Facebook a bit ago.  Of course, without the comfort of a nice gym, I thought we may as well give it a shot Josh and Lindsey style.  Blair got this in 1:48, someone else posted a 1:41 time.  I got it in 2:39.  Not so impressive, but the outdoor at 9:30pm thrusters with 115# instead of 110# (110# is 50kg), and the pull ups on the back of a moving truck I think excuse a slightly slower time!  It was tough!  The AMRAP was real good, just a great, simple conditioning workout.

I will post the Cross Gym Challenge video later on.

We are up and ready to ship out today.  Somewhere around the middle of Wyoming is the goal!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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