Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fight Gone Bad Tomorrow

In honer of the fifth annual "Fight Gone Bad" event held by CrossFit affiliates world-wide, Lindsey and I will be doing our part by performing the workout at our house.  We got the invite to head over to CrossFit San Mateo for the challenge, but the timing won't work out as we are headed over in the am to, wait for it, wait for it... check out a potential gym space (a very, very good potential)!!

In preparation for the big day tomorrow, I watched my last effort with this workout.  I hope that I can come somewhere near this score.  As it turns out, mine is actually in the very top percentile of performances.  Time to get focused!  Check it out here:

Today's workout saw us doing 3, 3, 3+ back squats and bench, some high box step ups and DB rows, a couple Tabata exercises (vertical jumps and air squats), then a wonderful 200 yards of unbroken walking lunges!  Holy quads!

Was able to get 315# x 10 and it was easy!  My squats are going to be through the roof soon, I am amped up for that.  Bench felt good with 8 reps at 240#, that's 2 reps more than I got last time around at 5/3/1.  Step ups and rows were nothing to write home about, just some good supplemental work to get the post delts and lats firing (rows) and opening up the hips a bit (step ups).  The Tabatas were rough (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds, score for these was the lowest reps in a set).  I was jumping to a 9 ft. target and was able to get 11 the first round, but then fell right off to 10, 9 and then 8.  Stuck at 8 for the remainder of the time.  The squats burned, and besides two rounds at 22, I stuck at 21.  Finally, the lunges.  200 total yards of walking lunges, penalty of 10 GHD sit ups for every break.  All I can say is ouch!  Burned like crazy but I did them all unbroken.  Quads will be a litte heavy for tomorrows fun!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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