Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gearing Up

Rowing my heart out at the new Garage!

After a great workout yesterday (even though I was feeling pretty weak on the deadlifts and strict presses, I was excited to get out and start shopping for supplies for the new house.  Yesterdays workout found me struggling through 7 reps at 370# on the deadlifts and 7 reps at 130 on the strict press.  Both pretty rusty, but I feel confident with the added shoulder and core strengthening in my programming that i will see some massive gains over this and next month.  The metcon (30-20-10 of box jumps, push presses and half moons) was very tiring, and the push presses were surprisingly difficult for me.  105# is not that heavy, but given the heavy work before it, and the stress from the roll outs, I think I was just tired.  Got 9:13 and felt like that was a pretty good time.

So then, after a crazy day of shopping today (Ikea, target, home depot and costco!), our place looks like twice the mess from when we started.  But we have things to put stuff in now, so that's good.  The only negative is that we did not take the time to really figure out what our bathroom colors were, and we screwed up all the add-ons.  Leave it to us to try to wing all that.  So, it's back to square one with the bathrooms...ugh.  We got back a little on edge, groggy, and needing to just let loose a little, so our workout was perfect.  We chose to forgo the SWP's (Skill and Weakness Practice) so we could get a solid warm up in, do the workout, and get to putting some things away around the house.

500, 400, 300, 200, 100 meter row
10, 15, 20, 25, 30 burpees

Wowza.  100 total burpees, 1500 total meters row.  Spent!  I got 12:14 and was very happy with that time.  I think, if I ever do this one again, I will aim for around 11:30.  On the few breaks I took with the burpees, I took like two steps back, then forward before attacking them again, and I think that took away from a lot of time.  It's that tough line of wanting to take a break so you can keep going, and knowing that a 3 second break is not going to do very much for you anyway, so you might as well take a 1 second one and just push through.  I'll mark it off as "dogging it" just a hair, but still felt good with my time and effort.

Tomorrows workout looks awesome!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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