Friday, September 10, 2010

Trans-America Workout #5

Waking up this morning bright and early in Elko, Nevada, Lindsey and I realized that today is the last day of driving.  Tonight we will be in our new home!  So exciting to think that this long, tiring trip will end in a new place where we will be living for a long, long time.

There was also a bit of a scare last night.  San Bruno, a town about 7 miles north of our home, erupted in flames yesterday, destroying over 50 homes and killing at least one person.  Watching the news coverage was a little unnerving as neither of us have ever really been "living" all that close to anything like this.  And with the threat of fires, earthquakes and maybe even a mud slide or two, CA is a little notorious for things going a bit wrong here and there.   Perhaps I am a little naive, but I just say it keeps you on the edge a little, makes things more exciting!

On to the travels.  We left Green River, Wyoming yesterday around 9:00am, excited to get on the road and make some good ground.  But first we had to go get some oil for the truck.  Now, while this does not seem like a big deal, it really is.  After the absolute debacle of getting a truck prepared that would last the entire trip, we were told we would be completely fine for the hike across the country.  Apparently not.  So, after a long phone conversation with the roadside assistance guy (where he told me he had never heard of the warning light I was describing, even though it was the universal "low oil" light, and it was in both book/manuels, and in every car on the road today...), we went to a truck stop to fill it up.  But, I could not find the tank.  Now, I don't claim to be a car expert, but I know what an oil cap and tank look like, and I could not find the damn thing anywhere.  So, we drove towards a NAPA auto parts where we ran into a Budget Rental Truck store.  We were hopeful, but this is actually where things got interesting.  An old man and women (and I do mean OLD) rolled out and proceeded to show me where the dip stick was.  Great, thanks.    I explained the situation about two or three times, but the old man checked our oil anyway.  Surprisingly, he found it low!  Imagine that.  So, he proceeded to search for the tank.  And no, neither of them had a clue where this might be, even though they ran a Budget dealership.  After what seemed like an hour of this guy searching around aimlessly, he proceeded to let us know that the oil was fine and where we could check it.  Holy crap man!  Apparently, his frustration in not being able to find the thing, led to him insisting WE were wrong about the oil being low.  After his wife (who seemed to have her head on a little straighter) tried telling him we were merely trying to find the oil tank so we could just fill it up and get on our way, he started getting a little testy.  So, we had to cut this "fun time" short and try to fix this problem.  Those two old folks, man, scary yet hilarious.

Next we went to NAPA.  As one of the guys searched unsuccessfully for the tank, I called Budget again.  After about 4 different costumer service reps, I was finally told something intelligent: "it's right on top, it should say "oil" on it".  Wow.  At this point another NAPA guy came out to search, and Lindsey was on the phone with a buddy of hers who knew a bit about these trucks.  Eventually, thanks to the guy Lindsey was talking to, and a bit of a tube-maze search by the NAPA guy, we found it.  It was almost at the very bottom of the engine, with a cap on it that said nothing about oil at all, and in fact, was a cap commonly used for steering fluid (this is why the NAPA guys didn't check it).  Go Budget Rental Trucks!  You guys suck!

So, we were on the road by 11am.  And we just drove.  Got through the rest of Wyoming, through Salt Lake City, and the crazy Salt Lakes of Utah.  Then stopped for a workout on the Utah/Nevada border.

For time with 75/45: (bar is not allowed to leave hands)(in any order)
100 push presses
100 back squats
50 sumo deadlift high pulls
50 walking lunges

This proved to a lot harder than it should have been .  It took me 13:07, and Lindsey 16:21 and we were both good a destroyed.  Obviously, the hours of sitting in a truck have come up to screw with our physical abilities a little, and when we pulled in to a nearby casino for some Starbucks, we were both shaking and feeling completely fatigued, like we had just run a marathon with a 20# vest on.  It was a fun workout though, and we found a little landing beneath a small Latino community wedged up against the rocks.  The open scenery and the bright sun was very motivating, and the workout allowed us to move around quite a bit, which added to the freedom of it.

Video will be posted later today on Facebook, and tonight or tomorrow on the site.

Today we hope to get to Blair Morrison's house in Sacramento for a workout before completing out trip to our new home in San Mateo, California!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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