Thursday, September 16, 2010


After a long day of building furniture and unpacking, Lindsey's parent arrived from their long drive across the country with Lindsey's car.  They headed off for a little walk and Lindsey and I hit the pavement for a workout:

Clean practice 5 x 4

10, 10, 10 Overhead squats

21-15-9 of:
Squat cleans 135#
Ring dips

Felt pretty good with the clean work, still need to focus on keeping my feet and legs a little narrower on the catch, but besides that, felt very fast and smooth.  Looking forward to seeing what my numbers can get to these days with this.  With the overheard squats, I was able to easily get 135# for the last set.  I was feeling very tight from the past couple days workouts, and this showed on my form a bit (knees pushed forward a little much, tight shoulders led to a bit of a hyper- external rotation at the bottom.  More stuff to work on!)

The metcon was all around rough.  My back tightened up like crazy, and this led to me dumping the bar way more than I felt I should.  The dips went very smoothly, and that was nice.  I finished n 7:30 and feel as though that should be a good minute or more faster.  The most exciting part was finding a way to string up the rings on our awesome balcony.  It took a while, but they worked perfectly!

We then came inside and cooked up a perfect meal!  Almond crusted baked herb chicken, garlic herb cous cous and a mixed salad with vinaigrette.  I am loving cooking in our spacious kitchen, and I will be posting up more and more on my food fun and recipes Lindsey and I come up with as we experiment.

Tomorrow is a chill day, an easy 3+ mile run and a lot of foam rolling and stretching.  I will be working on my follow-up programming post to put up tomorrow as well, so look for that!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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