Thursday, September 2, 2010

Client Shout-Out #4 - "The Rugrats"

One of my college guys aptly named the large group of athletes who frequented The Garage "The Rugrats".  It was later in the summer, so it never really got the opportunity to stick, but I think it's great.  So, I refer to them now as that.

I have had well over 100 high school athletes come through training with me in some way throughout the past few years, and I know I would forget a name or two in there.  So this specific post is two-fold:  First, a shout-out to you all.

You high schoolers are what keeps my passion so strong for what I do.  There is nothing better in my mind than an eager teenager, wanting so badly to make it to the next level in his or her sport.  This makes the athlete so naturally driven and coachable that it is virtually impossible to not see quick and impressive results in every single one.  Whether you want a division 1 scholarship, or just to get a few more at bats or minutes on the field, the desire to achieve those dream and goals is rarely replicated elsewhere.  All of you who have committed yourself to getting better in all aspects of sports and fitness, I humbly thank you.

I know I will be meeting hundreds more with my move to California, and with the space I will have.  But the journey of my life, the trainer and coach I am today, began and was molded by all of you.  If you take what I gave you, constantly apply it to your sport and to your lives, you will surprise yourself.  So keep up the good work, always give everything you do 100%, and always know I welcome your questions and concerns.

There are a handful of guys who committed themselves in a whole different level.  They showed regularly from the moment they met me to now, they worked hard and saw some of the most impressive gains.  This obviously does not mean just physical gains (although every one of them visually changed so dramatically it was incredible), it was complete lifestyle changes.  So a special shout-out goes to George Geiger, Fred Messner, Teddy Echeverria, Philip Shulman, Steve Cohen and Tucker Brown.  Way to freaking go fella's!  Keep it up now, and come on out next summer when my Fitness Camps open up.

As I write these words, the clock just clicked to let me know it is Thursday.  I have lived in the DC/MD area for the vast majority of my life, and today marks the last day I will reside here for presumably the rest of my life.  Wow.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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