Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Fight

After a good meeting with a guy about a space here in Burlingame, CA, Lindsey and I set up our equipment for Fight Gone Bad.  Both our legs were feeling so heavy from the squats, jumps and lunges the day before, but with a good warm up (with some jump rope to lighten our feet up) we got after it.  My last effort with this, I got 431, and I was hoping for something around that if at all possible.  The first round I just went all out.  Got 31 wall balls, 33 sumo deadlift high pulls, 47 box jumps, 35 push presses and 20 cals on the rower, and I felt pretty good.  The crazy part was that I actually took two rests on the push presses, and stopped with 10 seconds to spare, hoping to get set up a bit quicker on the rower.  This came back to bite me in the ass in the end.  With the first round total at 166, I dropped a bit off for the second to 141.  But the third got me like crazy.  Finishing with 120 for the round, I was so burned out it was a bit crazy, I even felt a little nauseous during those box jumps, something I am not prone to feeling, especially on something like the box jump.  But, I got 427!  I know I missed those four reps on that first round with the push presses, but to be honest, I am very happy with that score, and I know it is still pretty high up there in the rankings of top CrossFitters.  I have a video, but my iMovie is acting up, so, hopefully I can get it edited up soon.

Today is a rest day.  We have a nice trip up to San Francisco planned for the day, to see Beth, a good friend from back East, then take care of a few errands around the city.  Next week Lindsey is back to work, leaving me alone to do my thing.  Good thing about that is, I actually have something to do!  I will let everyone in on some of the details as things get approved but, all I can say is, two weeks in a completely new place and I am just getting after it!

Also, I have a new introduction to my site: Courageous Meals!  Once a week I will be posting up a meal I create, almost completely from my own mind (as in, I will rarely use a recipe).  I will post up how to put it together, with ingredients, pictures and a little inspiration along with it.  First in this series will be up tomorrow!  Hopefully you all can try it out and give some feedback.  And, as always, I am open to suggestions, especially when it comes to good meals!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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