Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Fresh Week

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After deciding to take Saturday off instead of Sunday, Lindsey and I headed to the garage to attempt what I had aptly named "The Lindsey Killer".  The idea was to put together a collection of exercises that Lindsey struggles with to force a bit of an extra challenge, and greater gains, something I am all about doing.

30 lateral box jumps (over and back is 1 rep)
30 10-yard shuffles (out and back is 1 rep)
30 wall balls
30 box jumps
30 GHD sit ups
30 double unders

On paper this does not look all that tough, but it turns out to be, well, tough.  It is a large amount of lateral movement, something that I find is commonly neglected in a lot of peoples programming.  The Shuffles were the most time consuming, seeing how it was a total of 600 yards of shuffling!  And for me, the straight box jumps were the toughest (and I am usually very comfortable with these).  It was the first time in god knows how long where I could not just string them together, I ended up having to step off the box each time after the 10th rep.  The 20# vest made this one a bit tougher as well, especially when I got to the GHD's.  I finished in 12:37 and felt pretty good about that time. I feel as though the shuffles could have gone a bit faster, but that was on me for getting a little lazy with the boredom of the movement.  Every 60 yards or so I would realize that I was standing a little taller and moving a little slower, so I would bear down and pick up the pace.  A fun challenge all around.

Today, after a yet another long shopping trip, we got back to strength work, and an interesting metcon.

3, 3, 3+ deadlifts and strict press

12, 12, 12, 12 weighted bridges with max cable lateral raise static holds supersetted

5 rounds for time of:
50 meter bear crawl
25 sandbag shoulder changes
50 meter shuttle sandbag sprint

Ugh, my deadlifts just keep getting worse and worse. These used my best lift by far, reps at 455# with solid form all around.  Now I get to 390# and my core breaks down like it's rubber. I have some reconsidering to do on how to go about building this back up to where it should be.  I will think about this some more, and incorporate my adjustments accordingly.  I am open to recommendations.

The strict presses felt pretty good, still weaker than I should be, but felt good with what I had.  Got 5 reps at 140#.  The bridges and cable lateral raise holds felt strong all around and I think that both of those exercises were perfect support for the heavy lifts.  The metcon was a fun one.  I marked off 50 meters, placed the sandbag (I used 52#) at one end and started from the other.  I started with the bear crawl, and went 50 meters to the sandbag, hoisted it up  and did 25 shoulder changes.  Love this exercise!  It gets everything working like crazy, and is a perfect way to help understand how the rest of the body engages to help your shoulders.  After 25 resp, it was a sprint to the far cone, drop the bag and sprint back, that was 1 round.  Did 5.  Got 9:05.

I need to get a little more passionate about my metcons, attack them with a little more intensity.  I feel as though I am holding back a little bit.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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