Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pulling More Weight

Yesterday was deadlift day for most of The Garage followers, and we had some impressive numbers.  Proving the 5/3/1 program really is effective, Steve was able to pull 325# off the ground 3 times, after struggling for a single with that weight just two months ago!  I got 4 reps at 410# and felt very strong with the form on this one; something I have been paying closer and closer attention to as I get into heavier weights.

The real fun came in with the metcon for the day.  I got out a good sized tire, hooked climbing rope to it and wrote this one up:

3 rounds of (rest 90 seconds between rounds):
25 meter tire pull
50 meter barbell overhead carry

This was an all out effort workout.  Non of the weights were all that heavy (I used 135, most guys used 95, some guys used 75), so the times per round were about 28-38 seconds.  But it was fun.  One of those unconventional enough workouts that leaves everyone gassed, but smiling like crazy afterwards.  Big fan of this one.

Today will be some agility work, then tomorrow is going to be about as innovative as I can get.  I am leaving midday to head to St. Louis for a wedding, so I have to consolidate all my baseball guys from three groups into one.  With 200 square feet of space, having 15+ people at one time is a bit crazy.  So, Friday Fun-day is about to get extremely "fun".  It's about time these younger guys get a feel for the outdoor style of crazy workouts I enjoy so much!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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