Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back East

After some huge success out in CA this weekend, I am back East to continue training, coaching and planning.  The last couple days saw a couple pretty cool workouts with Lindsey and myself:

4 DB deadlift to power clean to thruster 50/25 (performed between each set of the ladder)
10-1 ladder of:
Burpee jump overs (lateral jump over BD's)
Pull ups
Med ball sit ups 12/10

This one took me 16:36 and Lindsey 16:58.  This was very, very tough.  We performed it in the hotel gym and when we were done, we were drenched, and so out of breath our lungs felt like they were on fire.  The cool part about this one was that there was no time to recover at all.  This one is a new favorite, and I know my guys will feel the wonderfulness of this one soon enough!

5/5/5+ at 65%, 75%, 85% of the low 1RM of deadlifts and strict press.  We did this over at the local YMCA in San Mateo, which was tough in terms of equipment, but it workout out great.  We had old iron weights on linoleum floor, so we needed to find ab mats to protect it.  I worked off 435# on the DL and 155# on the press.  Both felt pretty good.  With the DL's I was focusing on the spine stability as best I could, and I am feeling it today (especially after the 6 hours of flights home).  Core, scap and shoulder focus in programming for the next couple months!

Today I throw a quick one together to really burn out the shoulders.  I did 100 push press with 95# for time.  But, every time I broke them up, I did 25 double unders.  Short an sweet, did it in 5:50.

Oly lifting tomorrow with a metcon, and my cousin's coming in for 7 days so I will be rolling out the fitness education like crazy!!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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