Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trip To NYC

So here's a funny story for you:  A few years back, I move myself up to NYC to be part of the opening of a sports facility in Long Island.  Thanks to a couple not-so-great business men, the facility had a real hard time opening and I was left with nothing.  I ended up crashing with my buddy in Brooklyn, living off cup-o-noodles and oatmeal cream pies, and wandering around the city for a couple weeks going to random auditions for NYU Film school projects.  Yeah...  In the fun of this, I ended up meeting a talent agent who just so happened to have a fiance who graduated from Siena College.  He told me he would look out for me.

So, three or so years later, I get a random phone call from some guy saying he "found" something for me.  It literally took me a day or so to process who this guy was and what he he had for me.  But he had found an audition looking for baseball players for an ad campaign for MasterCard.  I figured, why the hell not.  Rented a car lat Thursday night, and Derrick and I left at 3:30 in the morning Friday to get to the city for my 10am audition.  Ironically enough, the building for this agency just so happened to be the same building my brother worked at.  Of all the places in one of the largest cities in the world.  So, we hung out in his office until I had to get down for this thing.  The cool part was though, that Dave (my brother) told me that this place was truly the real deal.  So, I walked down, signed in, changed into my baseball uniform, and sat down with about eight other "models" to wait for our turn to head into the room.

Most of the guys that I saw looked like they hadn't touched a baseball in either years, or never.  But, the one guy I ended up talking to was a 5 year veteran of the Indians organization, and he had hung up the cleats to take up real estate, and acting/modeling.  Good guy all around.  People seemed so nervous as they sat, and I just could not get my head around doing this thing for a living.  When I was asked if I was a full-time actor, I involuntarily blurted out in laughter.  Immediately I realized the insult I just made to everyone in the room, and felt, well, only a little bad.  When it was my turn to head in, I stood on a mark on the floor, got my picture taken from super close up, answered a couple questions about height and weight and baseball experience, then, I took 4 check swings from the right side, 2 from the left, made a dumb joke, and left.  That was it. 

I guess it will all be worth it if I actually get the job, it pays 3k.  But for some reason, I feel like I won't, I'm an athlete not a model.

After getting some decent sleep Friday night, we woke up early to get a workout in before our baseball game.  A whole slew of guys came in for Squat/Bench day, and we had some great numbers.  Derrick squatted 205# for 4 reps, which is damn good for someone who has never touched a barbell in his entire life.  I got 290# for 13 reps in my second phase of the 5/3/1.  Got 10 reps of 225# on the bench as well.  The we went off to the game.  We lost the game in a dramatic walk off walk, too bad because it ended up being our last game of the season.

So Derrick and I headed over to Balance Gym, got a 2 on 2 basketball game in with Ori and big Dan, then did this crazy little number:

30 Wall ball
6 full court sprints to layups (if you miss, you must go back across court)
30 Push Press (95# me, 65# Derrick)
6 layups
30 Tire Flips
6 layups
30 Hammer strikes
6 layups
30 Pull ups
6 layups

Took me 16:13, Derrick 16:39.  I missed a grand total of 2 shots which really screwed my time.  But this one was a real fun one, exhausting. 

Today will be a down day, we'll probably head out to Great Falls, or do a little pool workout.  Watch Inception, and chill.  Back at the heavy lifting tomorrow!  Oh, and even though I am convinced otherwise, I still have my fingers crossed about this modeling thing...

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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