Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fun Season

Now that my summer of coaching is complete, I can sit back and think about how the season went.  This being my third season helping at Headfirst, I have never actually talked about the experience on my blog.  So, here it is.

In three years of coaching, I have met a ton of great people and great ball players, I have seen amazing plays and some really, really bad ones as well!  I have enjoyed myself and the experience of helping out a whole slew of athletes compete at a high level, and I have cursed the sight of the baseball field on a handful of days.  And in the end, I can look back on these three seasons and say without hesitation that I had a damn good time.

This year, while it was actually the worst in terms of records, I had a great time.  I got even closer to head coach Justin Cronk and that has been, without a doubt, the greatest thing that I take away from this all.  I made the announcement after the season this year, and the more I hang out with the guy, the more and more I feel about this:

He is the perfect baseball coach.

His passion towards the game is unreal, he just loves baseball.  He is so dedicated to helping all these guys make it to the next level that I honestly feel he wants them to make it more than they do sometimes.  But the best part about the guy is that he knows how to connect to these kids.  He understand the game, he understands how they play the game, and he really understand what it takes to play the game at any level.  This collection of understanding is what leads him to so positively inspire so many players each and every year. 

I look up to coach Cronk quite a bit, and I hope that my training and coaching compares to his.  He is incredible!

Thanks Cronk, and as I know you think and do:

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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