Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Another Friday...

I was really looking forward to getting after it a bit extra today, and I, along with many other wonderful Garage-Goers joined in the fun!  I wrote out a great looking chipper I aptly names "The July Chipper", and had everyone attack that after some good strength work.

Squats for most people, a handful of others added bench press into the mix.  I was able to get 310# for 12 reps on the squats and felt so strong with that.  My squats have been feeling more and more solid lately and it really fires me up to feel the improvements,  Bench was a little weak.  I finished with 240# for only 6 reps and really feel as though I should be in the 10 rep range with that weight.  Next week I am on the last phase of my second go-around with the 5/3/1 program; perhaps a max test month is in order...

"The July Chipper"

RX'd is with no weight the first round, 20# vest on the second round, and no weight the third round.  I decided to push myself a bit and did two vests (40#) the first round, one vest (20#) the second round, and no added vest the final round.

6 DB thrusters each arm 40#
6 burpees
12 pull ups
12 push ups
12 lunges each leg
18 box jumps 20"
18 air squats
18 KB swings 35#
18 half moons 20#
200 meter run

Yes sir was this a blast!  Thankfully I had Teddy and Tucker stick around after their session to help support me through the suffering, and it was great to have them there for the little extra motivation.  I think the best time of the day within my clients was just above 19 minutes, so I was shooting for that with the extra weight vest on.  I was able to get it in 17:51 and felt very good with that time.  I am pretty sure I could work this chipper down to the 16-minute range, but that might be in a while.  I think sub-15 would be absolutely insane.  The great thing is that I am now curious about going back and working through a bunch of older WOD's I've written.  As many people argue: what's the point of timng something if you've nothing to compare it to?  Well, I really don't have a great argument against that, so, perhaps it's about time to start recycling some WOD's!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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