Sunday, July 18, 2010

House Hunting

This post finds me sitting in a hotel room in San Mateo, California, next to Lindsey and going over all the places we have seen in the past two days.  It has been quite the ordeal I must say.  But in the end, we have found a house/condo type thing we are very excited about (let's hope the landlords feel the same way and let us move in!) and, on top of that, have found some potential for my new gym.  Tomorrow we will see yet another house, and another potential gym location, and we are always hoping for the best.  All in all, I can tell that our move to California, while challenging and maybe even a bit insane, will be absolutely awesome!

Ideas have been spinning around in my head like mad, and it's been tough to keep them at bay to stay focused on what is important.  But I know that things are going to take off out here.  This area seems to need a guys like me out here.  Not to sound arrogant or anything at all, I mean that in the sense that there really is nothing out here like what I offer.  There are only a couple CrossFit affiliates along the Peninsula by the Bay, and there are no serious athletic training facilities for the high school and college athletes that I enjoy training.  There is so much potential.  It is beyond exciting.

Amidst our search, we were able to watch the CrossFit Games over the live feed quite a bit.  It was very inspiring to watch those sweet workouts being performed by such incredible athletes.  Blair and Christy both had great performances and I am pumped to know such hardcore people.  I hope to be up there in their ranks this time next year!

So, congrats to them, and all the other competitors who braved three days of blissful torture in from of hundreds of thousands of eyes.  CrossFit is truly growing each and every day to become something very unique and special.  I am visualizing a major change in America thanks to this community, and as stated a few days before, and many times before that, I hope to be a large part of that change. 

Oh, and to all my baseball guys: we are back at it Wednesday.  And with the end of summer ball approaching, you all can expect that the work in The Garage is going to become all the more "fun"!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage


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