Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Workouts

Well everyone, it's about that time to announce the workouts for the CrossFit Courage Games 2010!  It's calling for sunny, and hot as hell weather, so hydrate and fuel properly these next couple days.  And come prepared for the heat!

There will be three workouts on this wonderful day, all under a time domain.  What this means is that every workout is "for time".  We will add up your time of all three workouts, and the fastest one wins.  Easy as that.

WOD #1:
"Flip It"
20 Tire flips
Men - around 400#
Women - around 285#

This will be 10 flips in one direction, and 10 flips back.  Besides that, there are no standards to this WOD, just flip the damn thing as fast as you can!

WOD #2:
"Tossing Iron"
100 meter KB throw to an 800 meter KB sprint
Men - 16kg#
Women - 12kg#

Each competitor will begin with the KB at his or her feet, hands off the weight.  There will be a starting line, and 6 foot wide lane you must keep the KB within for the entire 100 meters.  At the "go", time will start and you will proceed to throw/toss/swing/shot-put the thing for 100 meters, throwing it past a finish line.  Your total number of throws will be counted, and 5 seconds will be added to your total time for each throw.  A 15 second penalty will be given if you throw your KB outside of your lane (this will not apply if it takes a weird hop).

Once you throw the KB past the line, you will then pick it up and run a wonderfully rough 800 meter course with the weight (course will be very clearly marked).  Time will stop once you cross the finish line.

The only standard for this WOD is no spinning.  you will not be allowed to spin 360 degrees or more around to generate momentum to throw the KB.

Again, each throw of the KB will be an additional 5 seconds to you overall time (ex: you finish the run in 22 minutes, and it takes you 15 throws.  That is an additional 75 seconds, giving you a finishing time of 23:15)(it better not take anyone that long by the way...).

WOD #3:
"Blacktop Chipper"
50 meter sprint
50 meter weighted sprint 50/20
20 thruster 95/65
50 meter sprint
50 meter weighted sprint 20/10
20 squat cleans 115/75
50 meter sled push 70/30
20 burpees
50 meter sled push 95/55
50 double unders

I recommend you read this a couple times through...

You will start behind a starting line with a standard barbell, jump rope and sled at your station.  At the start, time will begin and you will sprint 50 meters across the blacktop, to your "2nd station" (all plates and following exercises on this side of the blacktop will be within this station), retrieve your first set of bumper plates (25's/10's).  Run back to your start station with them.  You will load your barbell and perform 20 thrusters.

Thruster standards are: crease of hip below knee line, part of ear showing in front of locked arms, and fully extended hips at lock out.

You will then sprint (unweighted) 50 meters to retrieve your second set of plates (10's/5's) and run back to your start station with them.  Load those to your bar and perform 20 squat cleans.

Squat clean standards are: start from ground each rep, crease of hip below knee, full hip extension before releasing the bar (you can dump the weight at any time as long as you reach full hip extension before doing so).

You will then load all plates from your bar, to the sled, which will be pre-loaded with 25# on it (men and women), and PUSH it 50 meters across the blacktop.  There you will perform 20 burpees.

Burpee standards are: chest completely on ground.  Full hip extension, part or all of ears showing in front of arms, hands completely over your head and visibly leaving the ground at the top.

You will then push the weighted sled back to your start station and perform 50 double unders.

Additional notes:  

If you drop your weight(s) at any point while running them 50 meters across the blacktop, you will need to drop and do 5 burpees on the spot.

If you drop the KB during WOD #2, that's fine.  Just pick it up and keep on going.

Scaling will be available for the final WOD (but not recommended...).

A time limit will be issued for each WOD as well (announced before the WOD).

If you need to scale, or if you do not complete a workout in the allotted time, you will not be able to qualify for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing.  Also, if you choose to scale, or fail to finish a WOD in time but score an overall time that is better than someone who did everything prescribed, you will be placed behind that person.

We have jump ropes, but they are not the best in the world.  I highly recommend you bring your own if you have one.

A heads up that there are NO shower facilites at the event location.

Work hard!

Please post to comments, or email me at if you have any questions.

See you all in a couple days!!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage


Bill said...

FUN WODs, Man!

Anonymous said...

Will the tire flips be on the grass or pavement?

Josh Courage said...

@Anon - flips will be on the blacktop. Only WOD#2 is on grass.