Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Minute Post

With the Courage Games coming up in just a handfull of hours now, I wanted to throw out a few more things to make sure everyone is prepared.

Bring bug spray!!!

WOD #2 will take place mostly on grass (the run mixes a few different surfaces in), if you wish to wear cleats, you may.

Scoring will be calculated in seconds.  Overall, the least amount of seconds accumulated in the end wins (it's much less math than trying to work with minutes:-))

Again, now showers on location, so bring along a few changes of clothes and towels for the heat.  We will have water, Gatorade, Honest Tea, Paleo Treats and Paleo Kits for sale.  Oh, and plenty of Courage Performance gear to purchase as well.

For those of you paying at the door, there is a strong chance we will NOT be able to use credit card transactions.  So please, either pay online tonight, or make sure to bring cash or check to registration.  There is a bank at the shopping center down the street if need be...

If you plan to come to the after-party.  Please, please bring along some food and drink.  I am supplying some hamburgers, turkey burgers, veggies, fruit, rice chips, salsa and hummus (and a case or two of beer), but that's it.  So bring along some eats to share with everyone!

Come out ready to meet some great people, have fun and work your ass off! 

Please call, email or post to comments anything you feel.

See you all tomorrow!!

Josh Courage

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