Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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After a crazy week of planning, and then the great day itself, I am finally over (mentally that is) all the wonderful stress of putting on a competition.  It was a blast!  I am in the process with the video, it just may take another few days is all.  And when I post that up, I'll post a few more things as well about the whole thing.

But now, I am back to writing about my fun adventures in the gym!

Sunday, the day after the event, Lindsey and I headed over to the Washington Waldorf School grounds to bang out WOD #1, the 20 tire flips.  I felt pretty good with this one, and despite the rough blacktop taking its toll on the back of my fingers, I was able to get 1:18, would have placed me second at the Courage Games!  We then left for the double header I had to coach out at Langley High School, but, we brought along all the equipment.

Lindsey pulled out a modified WOD#2 on the football field, throwing the KB about 120 meters and then running the track.  The coolest part though, was that she added a twice up the grandstand stairs each time around the track to replicate the hills.  This meant she ran a decent deal longer than 800 meters.  Beast!

Between games we hit WOD#3 in a back corner of the parking lot there.  The one difference was that our sled push was 40 meters, rather than 50.  I pulled this one out in 7:14, felt so great.  The squat cleans were killer, but i think I made up most of my time on the sled and on the double unders.  I was able to pretty much sprint the sled, and then got the DU's in 2 sets.  Lindsey tore it up as well.  I do not remember her time, but she left it all out there, so motivating.

Monday I hit 3, 3, 3+ on the deadlifts and light weighted pull ups.   Got 390# for 6 and felt strong.  Tuesday I needed a bit of an ass-kicker, so, at around 8:45pm I did this:
500 meter row
21 KB swings 52#
21 Box jumps
21 GHD sit ups
400 meter row
15 of each
300 meter row
9 of each
200 meter row

Rest 2 minutes, then get 3 rounds of 100 double unders, with 1 minute rest between.  For every rest of miss on the double unders I would do 25 weighted jump ropes at the end.  I was able to get the first portion in 11:56, then only got 4 misses on the double unders.  This KILLED me.

Today, strict press, 3, 3, 3+.  Short metcon and a mile run test.  I'll begin back up with the training and programming as the days go on for the remainder of the summer!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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