Monday, June 14, 2010


With less than a week away to prepare for the first ever CrossFit Courage Games 2010, I have a few things to get out to you guys to make sure everyone comes in prepared for all the fun.  Below you will find all the information I can think of to get you as information-stuffed as you need to be as you pull into the Washington Waldorf School grounds for the competition.  Whether you're competing, or spectating, all this will help out quite a bit.

  • Pull in the main entrance, follow the signs around for parking.  Then continue by foot, following the signs around to the back of the school grounds to the registration table.  

  • All competitors will be able to store all their equipment inside the school.  You will also be able to hang out in the same location to escape potential heat of the day.  We ask that all spectators please stay clear from inside the school, except for going to the bathroom.  We will have at least two staff members helping out within the school all day.

  • We will be selling Paleo Kits, Paleo Treats, Water, and Honest Tea at the event, but that is it.  Please be sure to come prepared with plenty of other fuel for the day.  There is also a shopping center less than 1/4-mile from the grounds with a Safeway, CVS, Starbucks and a great sandwich shop called Bethesda Market.  We will have directions to that location at the registration table.

  • A reminder that a portion of all registration fees will be donated to Steve's Club, a great non-profit CrossFit affiliate helping at-risk youth.  We will have a table up for any additional donations people wish to leave for this great organization (also, Steve himself said he is trying to make it down with some of his athletes, let's hope to see him there!).

  • There will be a raffle going on throughout the event, with prizes from lululemon, Paleo Kits, Paleo Treats, Courage Performance and a few others, so make sure to pick up some tickets!

  • And for all you spectators!  We will have a couple fun things out there specifically for you.  Look for the TRX station.  So you all can try out probably the simplest, and most effective training tool I have every utilized.  And...a car-pulling station!

For after the event, if you plan to attend the potluck cookout at The Garage, I ask that you please email me at so that I can have an idea of how many people will be swarming my backyard pool.  I also ask that you please bring along your favorite pre-made, or grill-able dishes, and something to drink so that the whole group can enjoy!  The address for this is: 5000 Westpath Terrace, Bethesda MD 20816.  You can walk to it very easily in 2 minutes from the school grounds, or drive on over.

Schedule for The CrossFit Courage Games 2010

6/16 - at some point in the evening - Workouts announced!

6/19 - (please remember, registration at the event is $25 dollars more!  Register online now: HERE)

7:30am - Registration begins and heats posted

8:30am - Workout #1 review and standards

9:00am - Workout #1 heats begin

10:00am - Workout #2 review and standards

10:15am - Workout #2 heats begin

12:15pm - Workout #3 review and standards

12:30pm - Workout #3 heats begin

3:00pm - Awards ceremony

4:00pm - 9:00pm - Potluck cookout party at The Garage

See you all soon!

Josh Courage

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