Monday, June 7, 2010

Recommended Equipment

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The CrossFit Courage Games 2010 are less than two weeks away!  And with the excitement of what this day will bring, I want to make sure everyone come prepared.  There may be a slight spoiler in this list, but the beauty is that, with the nature of the competition, there will still be way more than enough unknowns.

A couple things to keep in mind about the whole even: it is going to be hot as hell out there, so be prepared to sweat a lot.  There will be access to a rest/recovery indoor room for all the athletes, but it probably will not be super air conditioned.  We will also have a few fans outside, but still, it's going to be hot.

Recommended Gear:
Athletic pants
1-2 extra pairs of each
A couple towels
Workout gloves
Long Socks
Vibrams (everyone should own a pair of my humble opinion)
Sun screen
Chalk (we will supply some as well)
Sports Drink
Jump rope

Supplied Gear (for use and payed (all payed for items will have a P next to it):
Water (p)
Sports drink (p)
Honest tea (p)
Paleo Kits (p)
Paleo Treats (p)
Courage Performance shirts (p)
Courage Performance shorts (p)
Jump ropes
Random, communal sun screen

I will be posting all information on both this site, and the Courage Performance Facebook page, so check them out on a regular basis over the next couple weeks.  Later this week I will be posting up a schedule for the days events, and some other information.  And, of course next Wednesday I will be posting up the workouts!

Please post to comments, comment on Facebook, email or call if you have any questions.  Also, spread the word and get some ore people t register!

A couple additional points to remember:

  • A portion of all registration fees will be donated to Steve's Club
  • There will be a raffle during the event with all sorts of great gear from sponsors and host
  • There are no showers at the event location
  • There will be a pot-luck style cookout/pool party after the event, so come prepared if you'd like to join.
  • Register Here!

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