Saturday, June 26, 2010

Working The Squat

Lindsey is so bad ass

Yesterday, mixed between 7 hours of training clients, a long bank run and returning the tractor tires used at the Courage Games, I was able to get the sets of 3 on the back squat for the 5/3/1 program.  Felt so good.

On the final set, I worked 300# and was able to get 16 reps very powerfully.  I only stopped because I could feel my torso beginning to shift around a little as I drove up from the bottom, and I really want to stay as perfect as I can while doing this program.

Afterwards I worked some light overhead squats to see how the ligament in my thumb held up to such direct pressure.  Felt pretty good, and I was happy about that.  I look forward, with nervous excitement to the heavy OH squats programmed for next Friday.

To finish, I had written a really unconventional metcon in, but ran out of time with clients and errands.  Today, up at 7am to throw an hour and a half of BP to my team, then coached up a double header, then cheer on the good ol' us of a, then, well, I really wanted to get that sweet metcon in. 

20-15-10 of:
Power snatch 95#
GHD parallel rotations 10#
50 meter sled run 150#

Under/overs are basically, setting a bar up on a rack about 2 feet off the ground, getting under it, then getting over it.  You can step or jump over, just get under and over (under then over is 1 rep).  GHD parallel rotations are when you get yourself into the sit up position on the GHD, then stretch yourself out to be parallel with the floor.  Take your weight, hold it directly over your chest, the rotate as far as you can from one side to the other while keeping your torso rigid.  Brutal.  The sled was pulled on grass, using the TRX as both rope and harness. 

With the crazy heat and long day, I ended up watching the USA soccer game, falling asleep for a good long time.  Now, I think I am going to take today off, get the metcon in tomorrow morning before heading out to coach another couple double header.  I'll probably get some track work in a bit before the game as well.  Why not?

Never Stop GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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